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Cross-modal integration and plastic changes revealed by lip movement, random-dot motion and sign languages in the hearing and deaf.
Sign language activates the auditory cortex of deaf subjects, which is evidence of cross-modal plasticity. Lip-reading (visual phonetics), which involves audio-visual integration, activates theExpand
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Age-dependent plasticity in the superior temporal sulcus in deaf humans: a functional MRI study
BackgroundSign-language comprehension activates the auditory cortex in deaf subjects. It is not known whether this functional plasticity in the temporal cortex is age dependent. We conductedExpand
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Postictal Blockade of Ischemic Hippocampal Neuronal Death in Primates Using Selective Cathepsin Inhibitors
This paper is to study the participation of cathepsin in ischemic neuronal death of the monkey hippocampal cornu ammonis (CA) 1 sector and also to clarify whether its selective inhibitorExpand
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Mouse cursor control system using EMG
The amputee cannot operate a mouse freely when they use personal computer. Expand
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Development of EMG controlled mouse cursor
We have developed a new type of man-machine interface using the electromyogram (EMG) for mouse cursor operation. Expand
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The neural cascade of olfactory processing: A combined fMRI–EEG study
Olfaction is dependent on respiration for the delivery of odorants to the nasal cavity. Taking advantage of the time-locked nature of inspiration and olfactory processing, electroencephalogram dipoleExpand
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Prejunctional α-adrenoceptors regulate nitrergic neurotransmission in the rabbit urethra
Abstract We evaluated the effects of prejunctional α-adrenoceptors on nitric oxide (NO)-mediated urethral relaxation in rabbits using a muscle bath technique and high-performance liquidExpand
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Development of biomimetic prosthetic hand controlled by electromyogram
The purpose of this study was to develop a new type of myoelectrically-controlled biomimetic prosthetic hand (biomimetic Kobe Hand) which had almost the same dynamics as those of the neuromuscular control system of finger muscles, in particular, including mechanical properties of the muscle and stretch reflex. Expand
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Sensory feedback system for prosthetic hand by using interferential current
  • M. Yoshida, Y. Sasaki
  • Computer Science
  • Conference Proceedings of the 23rd Annual…
  • 25 October 2001
The purpose of this study was to develop a new type of sensory feedback system for a myoelectrically controlled biomimetic prosthetic hand. Expand
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