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Prediction of periodontopathic bacteria in dental plaque of periodontal healthy subjects by measurement of volatile sulfur compounds in mouth air.
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to determine whether measurements of volatile sulfur compounds (VSCs) are useful to predict colonization of periodontopathic bacteria. For this purpose, weExpand
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Targeting Individual Empowerment to Raise Leaders for Local Oral Health Promotion in Japan
The purpose of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of human resources for health promotion advocacy in a rural community. A 16-item questionnaire was sent to 1000 residents of a ruralExpand
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Relationship between oral status and prevalence of periodontopathic bacteria on the tongues of elderly individuals.
Colonization of periodontopathic bacteria is associated with increased risk of systemic diseases. However, few studies have investigated the relationships between oral status factors andExpand
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Prevalence of Tongue Cleaning Habit and Related Factors in Healthy lndividuals in lwate Prefecture, Japan
Objectives: The tongue surface is a major habitat of oral bacteria and tongue cleaning has been proposed to be useful for maintaining oral health; however, the prevalence of a tongue cleaning habitExpand
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P39 Evaluation of patient oriented outcome using SF-36 in halitosis therapy
Objective  To evaluate the patient oriented outcome of medical interventions, Medical Outcome Study Short Form-36 (SF-36) is a widely used, self-administered questionnaire. The SF-36 has eightExpand
ナイジェリア人の歯垢, 歯石, 歯肉炎の分布に関する疫学的研究
In 1991, dental health examination was carried out in Nigeria : ILE-IFE (urban) and Ashipa (rural) located in the southwest of Nigeria. The number of the subjects was 205 (aged 8, 10, 12) in ILE-IFEExpand
Actual dietary life of very elderly community residents in Iwate prefecture
本研究において, 岩手県に在住する健康度の高い85歳の在宅超高齢者について食生活の実態を調査した結果, 以下のことが明らかになった。  (1) 超高齢者の栄養状態は身体状況および血清アルブミン値よりきわめて良好であることがわかった。  (2) 超高齢者の欠食は3食とも極めて少なかった。  (3) 出現の高い料理内容は, 主食が白飯, 主菜は焼き魚, 副菜はお浸しおよび煮物,Expand