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Estrogen and aging affect synaptic distribution of phosphorylated LIM kinase (pLIMK) in CA1 region of female rat hippocampus
17beta-Estradiol (E) increases axospinous synapse density in the hippocampal CA1 region of young female rats, but not in aged rats. This may be linked to age-related alterations in signaling pathwaysExpand
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In this paper, we determine the spectrum of the Rhaly matrix as an operator on the space by, when and exists.
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A method for mapping the spatial distribution of RockFall computer program analyses results using ArcGIS software
Rockfalls are a natural process of cliff and hillside erosion and can be simulated by computer programs. RocFall is a useful and well-known program which produces envelopes of kinetic energy,Expand
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Almost f-Cosymplectic Manifolds
The purpose of this paper is to study a new class of contact manifolds. Such manifolds are called almost f-cosymplectic manifolds. Several tensor conditions are studied for such type of manifolds. WeExpand
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Microzonation of Zeytinburnu region with respect to soil amplification: A case study
Abstract A microzonation study is performed as a part of the Zeytinburnu Pilot Project within the framework of the Earthquake Master Plan for Istanbul to determine the effects of local soilExpand
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Subdivision of the spectra for factorable matrices on c0.
In a series of papers, B.E. Rhoades and M. Yildirim previously investigated the spectra and fine spectra for factorable matrices, considered as bounded operators over various sequence spaces. In theExpand
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Comparison of extraarticular leakage values of radiopharmaceuticals used for radionuclide synovectomy
ObjectivesRadionuclide synovectomy is a reliable therapy in patients with chronic synovitis. However, radiation doses delivered to non-target organ systems due to leakage of radioactive material fromExpand
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Assessing Environmental Impacts of Wastewater Treatment Alternatives for Small-Scale Communities
The effluents of wastewater treatment plants in small sized communities of less than 2000 population equivalent (PE), which are discharged into sensitive receiving water environments, must receiveExpand
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Lack of correlation between Tc-99m-sestaMIBI uptake and cadherin expression in infiltrating ductal breast carcinoma as prognostic indicators
Despite using various kinds of prognostic indicators, it is still not possible to predict the biological behavior of breast cancer in all patients. Tc-99m-sestaMIBI (MIBI) uptake determined by breastExpand
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