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The Impact of Controlling Families and Family CEOs on Earnings Management
This study explores the relationships between insider ownership and earnings management in family firms and the impact of family versus nonfamily CEOs on earnings management. The results show thatExpand
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The Effect of Corporate Social Performance on Financial Performance: The Moderating Effect of Ownership Concentration
The purpose of this study is to extend prior research on this topic by investigating whether the impact of ownership concentration moderates the link between corporate social performance (CSP) andExpand
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The Influence of Budgetary Participation by R&D Managers on Product Innovation Performances: The Effect of Trust, Job Satisfaction and Information Asymmetry
To high technology manufacturing companies, product innovation is key source of competency and profitability enhancement. This study employs Participative goal-setting theory to construct theExpand
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[A comparative analysis of the clinical and laboratory characteristics in disseminated penicilliosis marneffei in patients with and without human immunodeficiency virus infection].
OBJECTIVE To study the differences in the clinical and laboratory characteristics of disseminated penicilliosis marneffei (PSM) in patients with and without human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)Expand
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Spectroscopic and voltammetric studies of the cobalt (II) complex of Morin bound to calf thymus DNA
Absorption and emission spectra, viscometric and electrochemical studies have been carried out on the interaction of Morin (2′, 3, 4′, 5, 7-pentahydroxyflavone) and its Co complex, CoL2·3H2O[L =Expand
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Cuticular protein LmTwdl1 is involved in molt development of the migratory locust
The cuticle, an essential structure for insects, is produced from cuticular proteins and chitin via a series of biochemical reactions. Tweedle genes are important members of the cuticular proteinExpand
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Impacts of integrating the repertory grid into an augmented reality-based learning design on students’ learning achievements, cognitive load and degree of satisfaction
In this study, a mindtool-based AR learning system was developed, based on the repertory grid method and the contiguity principle of multimedia learning, for assisting students in constructing their knowledge in a natural science course. Expand
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Management of Benign Tracheal Stenosis by Small-diameter Tube-assisted Bronchoscopic Balloon Dilatation
Background: A limitation of bronchoscopic balloon dilatation (BBD) is that airflow must be completely blocked for as long as possible during the operation. However, the patient often cannot hold hisExpand
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Women's Pages or People's Pages: The Production of News for Women in the Washington Post in the 1950S
The current debate over whether special newspaper sections for women should be revived is not without a history. The study examines the women's pages of the Washington Post in the 1950s that wereExpand
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Study on the interaction of platinum(IV), gold(III) and silver(I) ions with DNA
Fluorescence, absorption spectra have been produced by the interaction of platinum(IV), silver(I) and gold(III) ions with the berberine–DNA system (berberine, Scheme 1). Platinum(IV) and gold(III)Expand
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