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Paraptosis accompanied by autophagy and apoptosis was induced by celastrol, a natural compound with influence on proteasome, ER stress and Hsp90
In the present study, we found that celastrol, a natural compound with well‐known apoptosis‐inducing effect, could also induce paraptosis‐like cytoplasmic vacuolization in cancer cell lines includingExpand
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Runx2 Overexpression Enhances Osteoblastic Differentiation and Mineralization in Adipose - Derived Stem Cells in vitro and in vivo
Like bone marrow stromal cells, adipose tissue-derived stem cells (ADSCs) possess multilineage potential, a capacity for self-renewal and long-term viability. To confirm whether ADSCs represent aExpand
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Herbal medicines for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.
BACKGROUND Traditional herbal therapies have been used for a long time to treat gastrointestinal disorders including irritable bowel syndrome, and their effectiveness from clinical research evidenceExpand
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PET of insulinoma using ¹⁸F-FBEM-EM3106B, a new GLP-1 analogue.
Derived from endocrine pancreatic beta cells, insulinomas express glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) receptor with high density and incidence. In this study, we labeled a novel GLP-1 analogue, EM3106B,Expand
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Microglial activation mediates chronic mild stress-induced depressive- and anxiety-like behavior in adult rats
BackgroundDepression is a heterogeneous disorder, with the exact neuronal mechanisms causing the disease yet to be discovered. Recent work suggests it is accompanied by neuro-inflammation,Expand
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Herbal medicines for treating HIV infection and AIDS.
BACKGROUND HIV-infected people and AIDS patients often seek complementary therapies including herbal medicines due to reasons such as unsatisfactory effects, high cost, non-availability, or adverseExpand
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HSA coated iron oxide nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles for cancer therapy.
An ongoing effort in the field of nanomedicine is to develop nanoplatforms with both imaging and therapeutic functions, the "nanotheranostics". We have previously developed a human serum albuminExpand
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Radix Sophorae flavescentis for chronic hepatitis B: a systematic review of randomized trials.
To evaluate the effects of radix Sophorae fiavescentis for chronic hepatitis B, a systematic review of randomized clinical trials was conducted. Randomized trials comparing extract of radix SophoraeExpand
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Chimeric ferritin nanocages for multiple function loading and multimodal imaging.
Nanomaterials provide large surface areas, relativeto their volumes, on which to load functions. One challenge, however, has been to achieve precise control in loading multiple functionalities.Expand
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Interaction of Ganoderma triterpenes with doxorubicin and proteomic characterization of the possible molecular targets of Ganoderma triterpenes
Triterpenes are the main components with cytotoxicity in Ganoderma lucidum, which is used popularly as a complementary treatment for cancer therapy in traditional Chinese medicine. To investigate theExpand
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