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China's energy efficiency target 2010
The Chinese government has set an ambitious target: reducing China's energy intensity by 20%, or 4.36% each year between 2006 and 2010 on the 2005 level. Real data showed that China missed its targetExpand
Phthalate diesters in airborne PM(2.5) and PM(10) in a suburban area of Shanghai: seasonal distribution and risk assessment.
Based on the concentrations of DEHP, incremental lifetime cancer risks (ILCR) from inhalation exposure were estimated using a Monte Carlo simulation and this result is an underestimate of the actual health risk because it only considered the outdoor inhalation Exposure to DEHP in this study. Expand
Pricing in combinatorial double auction-based grid allocation model
Simulation results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm completes the resource allocation and pricing efficiently, and exhibits incentive compatible characteristic. Expand
An overview of lossless digital image compression techniques
JPG-LS and JPEG-2000 are the latest ISO/ITU standards for compressing continuous-tone images and are based on LOCO-I algorithm, which was chosen to incorporate the standard due to its good balance between complexity and efficiency. Expand
Evaluation of Estrogenic Activity in Surface Water and Municipal Wastewater in Shanghai, China
The findings suggest that WWTP effluents may not be the predominate source of potential aquatic estrogenic contamination in Shanghai, and estrogenic potency of water samples from various rivers and wastewater treatment plants in Shanghai was determined. Expand
Oxidative stress and immune disturbance after long-term exposure to bisphenol A in juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio).
The results demonstrate the susceptibility of fish immune system to long-term BPA exposure and the immunotoxicity of EDCs in aquatic organisms should not have been underestimated. Expand
Assessment of immunotoxicity of dibutyl phthalate using live zebrafish embryos.
The overall results indicate that DBP in aquatic environment greatly influence the immune system in fish, and zebrafish embryos can serve as a reliable model for the developmental immunotoxicity of toxic-chemicals. Expand
Fuzzy Stochastic Petri Nets for Modeling Biological Systems with Uncertain Kinetic Parameters
A simulation-based analysis method is introduced for FSPNs to explore the uncertainties of outputs resulting from the uncertainties associated with input parameters, which works equally well for bounded and unbounded models. Expand
Microfabricated valveless devices for thermal bioreactions based on diffusion-limited evaporation.
Experimental and theoretical results demonstrate that the sample evaporative loss can be reduced by more than 20 times using long narrow diffusion channels on both sides of the reaction region, which further suppress the evaporation. Expand
Natural and urban sounds in soundscapes
Among various sounds in the environment, natural sounds, such as water sounds and birdsongs, have proven to be highly preferred by humans, but the reasons for these preferences are not yet completelyExpand