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A viscoplastic constitutive model for nickel-base superalloy, part 1: kinematic hardening rule of anisotropic dynamic recovery
Abstract A series of deformation experiments was conducted on nickel-base polycrystalline superalloy IN738LC at 850 °C. The material showed distinct rate/time-dependent deformation, while cyclicExpand
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A viscoplastic constitutive model for nickel-base superalloy, part 2: modeling under anisothermal conditions
Abstract In Part 2 of this study, extensive deformation tests were carried out on the nickel-base polycrystalline superalloy IN738LC under isothermal and anisothermal conditions between 450 and 950Expand
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Multifunction cavitation technology to improve the surface function of Al – Cu alloy
Abstract Multifunction cavitation (MFC) combines ultrasonic cavitation technology and water jet peening (WJP) technology. In this processing technique, it has been reported that the residual stressExpand
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Structures of a Long-Chain n-Alkane, n-C44H90, on a Au(111) Surface: An Infrared Reflection Absorption Spectroscopic Study
Vacuum-deposited films of a long-chain n-alkane, n-C44H90, tetratetracontane (TTC), on a Au(111) surface were investigated by infrared reflection absorption spectroscopy. We found four differentExpand
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Infrared reflection absorption spectroscopic study on self-assembling processes of (methacryloyloxy)alkyl dihydrogen phosphates on evaporated silver films
Infrared reflection absorption (IRA) spectroscopy was applied to study the adsorption process and structural change of (methacryloyloxy)alkyl dihydrogen phosphates, M10P and M2P (see Figure 1),Expand
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Structures of a film of the long-chain n-alkane n-C44H90 on a Cu(100) surface
Abstract Structures of a film of a long-chain n -alkane, tetratetracontane ( n -C 44 H 90 ; TTC), on a Cu(1 0 0) single-crystal surface were investigated by a combination of infrared reflectionExpand
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Hydrogen Bonding and Photochemical Processes of a Cinnamic Acid Derivative in Langmuir−Blodgett Films
Fourier-transform infrared reflection absorption (IRA) spectroscopy was applied to study the structures and UV-light-induced photochemical processes of a cinnamic acid derivative (C22CA) inExpand
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Physisorption of a long-chain n-alkane on Ag(111) surface : an infra-red reflection absorption spectroscopic study
Abstract Adsorption of a long chain n -alkane, tetratetracontane ( n -C 44 H 90 ), on an Ag(111) surface was studied by infra-red reflection absorption spectroscopy (IRAS). The first layerExpand
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Chemoselective acylation of (hydroxyalkyl)phenols catalyzed by Candida antarctica lipase B
Acylation of (hydroxyalkyl)phenols with vinyl esters by lipase B from Candida antarctica proceeded smoothly in a highly chemoselective manner, affording their alkyl esters exclusively or at leastExpand
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