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Crystal Structure of CYP105A1 (P450SU-1) in Complex with 1alpha,25-Dihydroxyvitamin D3
Vitamin D3 (VD3), a prohormone in mammals, plays a crucial role in the maintenance of calcium and phosphorus concentrations in serum. Activation of VD3 requires 25-hydroxylation in the liver andExpand
Characterization of microorganisms at different landfill depths using carbon-utilization patterns and 16S rRNA gene based T-RFLP.
Low dominance of the VFA-utilizing bacteria in samples and low concentrations of VFAs in all waste layers suggest that the organic decomposition in this landfill site remained, and the diversity index calculated from the carbon-utilization pattern increased slightly with depth at the landfill site. Expand
Selective accumulation of CCR4+ T lymphocytes into renal tissue of patients with lupus nephritis.
Results suggest that CCR4+ T lymphocytes in peripheral blood, which represent Th2 cells, preferentially migrate into the renal tissue of patients with lupus nephritis. Expand
Heavy metal leaching from aerobic and anaerobic landfill bioreactors of co-disposed municipal solid waste incineration bottom ash and shredded low-organic residues.
It was concluded that aerobization of landfills of heavy metal rich MSWI bottom ash and shredded residues is possible with no dramatic increase in heavy metals in the leachate. Expand
Estimation and field measurement of methane emission from waste landfills in Hanoi, Vietnam
A methodology for estimating the methane emissions from waste landfills in Hanoi, Vietnam, as part of a case study on Asian cities, was derived based on a survey of documents and statistics relatedExpand
Crystal structure of CYP105A1 (P450SU-1) in complex with 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3.
The crystal structures of a highly active mutant (R84A) of CYP105A1 from Streptomyces griseolus are determined, providing the structural basis for understanding the mechanism of the two-step hydroxylation that activates VD 3. Expand
Concentrations of Inorganic Components, 1, 4-Dioxane, Phenols, and Phthalates in Leachates from Waste Landfills and Their Treated Waters
国内3カ所の管理型産業廃棄物埋立処分場から採取した浸出水原水5試料とその処理水3試料について, 無機成分, 1, 4-ジオキサン, フェノール類, フタル酸エステル類の濃度を測定した。常時検出された無機元素はナトリウム, カリウムなど10元素であった。モル濃度での存在比率を調べると, 主成分はナトリウムで, 副成分はカリウムとカルシウム・マグネシウムであり,Expand
Structure-based design of a highly active vitamin D hydroxylase from Streptomyces griseolus CYP105A1.
Structural and kinetic analyses of single and double mutants suggest that the amino acid residues at positions 73 and 84 affect the location and conformation of the bound compound in the reaction site and those in the transient binding site, respectively. Expand
Isolation and characterization of a gene coding for chitin deacetylase specifically expressed during fruiting body development in the basidiomycete Flammulina velutipes and its expression in the
It is suggested that CDA plays an important role in the process of fruiting of F. velutipes by differential display targeted for genes specifically expressed during fruiting body development. Expand
Radioactive pollution from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in the terrestrial environment.
Major contaminants from venting and hydrogen explosions at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors between 12 and 15 March 2011 were transported northwestward and deposited on soil and plants via precipitation and it is anticipated that decomposition of fallen leaves will promote recycling of radionuclides in the environment. Expand