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Anchored phylogenomics illuminates the skipper butterfly tree of life
BackgroundButterflies (Papilionoidea) are perhaps the most charismatic insect lineage, yet phylogenetic relationships among them remain incompletely studied and controversial. This is especially trueExpand
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Phylogeography of Fischer's blue, Tongeia fischeri, in Japan: Evidence for introgressive hybridization.
The widespread lycaenid butterfly Tongeia fischeri is distributed from eastern Europe to northeastern Asia and represented by three geographically isolated populations in Japan. In order to clarifyExpand
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Infection by Two Strains of Wolbachia and Sex Ratio Distortion in a Population of the Endangered Butterfly Zizina emelina (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) in Northern Osaka Prefecture, Central Japan
ABSTRACT Wolbachia infections were investigated by sequencing the wsp and ftsZ genes in a population of the endangered butterfly Zizina emelina (de l'Orza) (formerly Zizina otis emelina)Expand
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Molecular Phylogeny, Laboratory Rearing, and Karyotype of the Bombycid Moth, Trilocha varians
Abstract This study describes the molecular phylogeny, laboratory rearing, and karyotype of a bombycid moth, Trilocha varians (F. Walker) (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae), which feeds on leaves of FicusExpand
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Molecular systematics and biogeography of the genus Zizina (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae)
Butterflies of the genus Zizina are widely distributed in all zoogeographical regions except the New World (North and South America) and the northern part of Eurasia. We address some of the problemsExpand
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Female sex pheromone and male behavioral responses of the bombycid moth Trilocha varians: comparison with those of the domesticated silkmoth Bombyx mori
Analysis of female sex pheromone components and subsequent field trap experiments demonstrated that the bombycid moth Trilocha varians uses a mixture of (E,Z)-10,12-hexadecadienal (bombykal) andExpand
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Population genetic structure and Wolbachia infection in an endangered butterfly, Zizina emelina (Lepidoptera, Lycaenidae), in Japan.
Zizina emelina (de l'Orza) is listed on Japan's Red Data List as an endangered species because of loss of its principal food plant and habitat. We compared parts of the mitochondrial and nuclearExpand
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Out of the Orient: Post‐Tethyan transoceanic and trans‐Arabian routes fostered the spread of Baorini skippers in the Afrotropics
The origin of taxa presenting a disjunct distribution between Africa and Asia has puzzled biogeographers for more than a century. This biogeographic pattern has been hypothesized to be the result ofExpand
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Chronosequential changes in species richness of forest-edge-dwelling butterflies during forest restoration after swidden cultivation in a humid tropical rainforest region in Borneo
In contrast to the large number of studies addressing the effects of deforestation on insect diversity, few studies have focused on the recovery of diversity during forest restoration. In this study,Expand
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