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Synthesis and anticonvulsant activity of benzimidazo[1, 2-c]quinazolines
Using s u b s t i t u t e d b e n z o y l c h l o r i d e s and c h l e r o a c e t y l c h l o r i d e , a number of 6 a r y l ( I a f ) and 6 c h l o r o m e t h y l ( I g ) b e n z i m i d a z o [
Strategy of the search for physiologically active substances according to their metabolites (survey)
The sequence of chemical processes explaining the biological activity of drugs is represented by three phases: i) pharmaceutical; 2) pharmokinetic; 3) pharmacodynamic, in which the action of biologically active substances in the animal and human organism is regulated.
Prediction of the biotransformation of peptidamidobenzophenones on the basis of effector analysis
PABP can be classed among the drug precursors whose action is due to their biotransformation into biologically active metabolites (BD) by the parameters of the kinetics of their conversion to the corresponding metabolites in the bodies of experimental animals.
Biokinetics of peptidamidobenzophenones — Precursors of benzodiazepines
Egg PC, purified by column chromatography on aluminum oxide and silica gel and egg PC ; hydrogenated in the presence of palladium on charcoal [6] was used in the experiment. The s~ of the lipids from
Biokinetics of a new protodrug hydazepam and its metabolite
The comparison of the main characteristics of biokinetics for the prodrug (I) and drug (II) allowed us to reveal the nature of the quantitative differences of these pharmacological effects.