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Direct and Differential Effects of the Internet on Political and Civic Engagement
Given the significant rise in the number of Americans who turn to the Internet for political information, we examine the effects of these behaviors on political and civic engagement in an evolvingExpand
The "Nasty Effect: " Online Incivility and Risk Perceptions of Emerging Technologies
It is found that exposure to uncivil blog comments can polarize risk perceptions of nanotechnology along the lines of religiosity and issue support. Expand
The great equalizer? Patterns of social media use and youth political engagement in three advanced democracies
Recent developments suggest a strong relationship between social media use and political engagement and raise questions about the potential for social media to help stem or even reverse patterns ofExpand
Communication and Citizenship: Mapping the Political Effects of Infotainment
Political candidates and citizens alike have been turning to nontraditional, "softer" sources of political information such as late-night comedy and daytime talk shows. This is particularly trueExpand
Of Attitudes and Engagement: Clarifying the Reciprocal Relationship Between Civic Attitudes and Political Participation
In this essay, we draw on broader psychological theories of the attitude–behavior relationship to postulate specific reciprocal patterns of causality between the civic attitudes and forms ofExpand
Moments of Zen: Effects of The Daily Show on Information Seeking and Political Learning
A growing number of scholars continue to investigate relationships between exposure and attention to political comedy programs like The Daily Show and political knowledge. One prominent explanationExpand
Media Framing and Effective Public Deliberation
Thanks to recent advances in public opinion research, we now know that the origins of public opinion—the sacred icon of democracy—lay in elite discourse. We also know that the public relies on theExpand
The networked young citizen: social media, political participation and civic engagement
The accusations that young people are politically apathetic and somehow failing in their duty to participate in many democratic societies worldwide have been refuted by a growing number of academic...
Building Buzz
Public communication about science faces novel challenges, including the increasing complexity of research areas and the erosion of traditional journalistic infrastructures. Although scientists haveExpand
Uncivil and personal? Comparing patterns of incivility in comments on the Facebook pages of news outlets
The findings provide the first empirical evidence that both the level and the targets of incivility in the comments posted on news outlets’ Facebook pages vary greatly according to such entities’ general type and ideological stance. Expand