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Nonlocal optical response in metallic nanostructures.
This review provides a broad overview of the studies and effects of nonlocal response in metallic nanostructures. In particular, we thoroughly present the nonlocal hydrodynamic model and the recentlyExpand
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Unusual resonances in nanoplasmonic structures due to nonlocal response
We study the nonlocal response of a confined electron gas within the hydrodynamical Drude model. We address the question as to whether plasmonic nanostructures exhibit nonlocal resonances that haveExpand
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Multiple-scattering approach to interatomic interactions and superradiance in inhomogeneous dielectrics
The dynamics of a collection of resonant atoms embedded inside an inhomogeneous nondispersive and lossless dielectric is described with a dipole Hamiltonian that is based on a canonical quantizationExpand
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A generalized non-local optical response theory for plasmonic nanostructures.
Metallic nanostructures exhibit a multitude of optical resonances associated with localized surface plasmon excitations. Recent observations of plasmonic phenomena at the sub-nanometre to atomicExpand
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Resonance shifts and spill-out effects in self-consistent hydrodynamic nanoplasmonics.
The standard hydrodynamic Drude model with hard-wall boundary conditions can give accurate quantitative predictions for the optical response of noble-metal nanoparticles. However, it is less accurateExpand
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Coupling nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond to superconducting flux qubits.
We propose a method to achieve coherent coupling between nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond and superconducting (SC) flux qubits. The resulting coupling can be used to create a coherentExpand
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Nanophotonic control of the Förster resonance energy transfer efficiency.
We have studied the influence of the local density of optical states (LDOS) on the rate and efficiency of Förster resonance energy transfer (FRET) from a donor to an acceptor. The donors andExpand
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Surface plasmon modes of a single silver nanorod: an electron energy loss study.
We present an electron energy loss study using energy filtered TEM of spatially resolved surface plasmon excitations on a silver nanorod of aspect ratio 14.2 resting on a 30 nm thick silicon nitrideExpand
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Nonlocal response of metallic nanospheres probed by light, electrons, and atoms.
Inspired by recent measurements on individual metallic nanospheres that cannot be explained with traditional classical electrodynamics, we theoretically investigate the effects of nonlocal responseExpand
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Blueshift of the surface plasmon resonance in silver nanoparticles: substrate effects.
We study the blueshift of the surface plasmon (SP) resonance energy of isolated Ag nanoparticles with decreasing particle diameter, which we recently measured using electron energy loss spectroscopyExpand
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