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Oi! Oi! Oi! : class locality and British punk
This article looks at the controversial music genre Oi! in relation to youth cultural identity in late 1970s’ and early 1980s’ Britain. As a form of British punk associated with skinheads, Oi! hasExpand
Labour Inside the Gate: A History of the British Labour Party Between the Wars
The period between the wars was a watershed for the Labour Party as it transformed from a failed alternative to the Conservatives to a majority party of government. After a slow build-up, it went onExpand
Testing the Limits: Stalinization and the New Zealand and British Communist Parties
The study of international communism lends itself quite neatly to comparative analysis. Here was an international movement to which affiliated national parties committed themselves to a highlyExpand
Introduction: Stalinization and Communist Historiography
One of the difficulties in developing an international comparative historiography of communism has been the elusiveness of any agreed framework for transnational comparison. In other respects, theExpand
Introduction: Making a Difference by Making a Noise
Youth Culture and Social Change maps out new ways to historicise two overlapping political responses to economic and social change: public unrest and popular culture. Throughout the 1980s youngExpand