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One hundred years of tree-ring research in the tropics - a brief history and an outlook to future challenges
Summary Tree-ring analysis in the tropics exists since more than one hundred years. In more than 20 tropical countries and numerous tree species the existence of annual tree-rings is doubtlessExpand
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Annual growth rings, rainfall‐dependent growth and long‐term growth patterns of tropical trees from the Caparo Forest Reserve in Venezuela
1 Tree-ring analyses and dendrometer measurements were carried out on 37 tree species in a semi-deciduous forest of the Reserva Forestal de Caparo, Venezuela, where the mean annual rainfall is aboutExpand
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How to Measure Growth Dynamics in Tropical Trees a Review
Cambial dormancy and annual rings in tropical trees are induced by annually occurring dry periods or flooding. Growth periodicity is indicated by the leaf fall behaviour and is connected with anExpand
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The Forest Ecosystem of the Floodplains
The Amazon floodplain forests are of special interest for botanical research due to the special physiognomy, the easy attainability of their margins and their exceptional environmental conditions.Expand
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On the dynamics, floristic subdivision and geographical distribution of varzea forests in Central Amazonia
Abstract. Within different stands of the white-water inundation forest (varzea forest) in the Central Amazon region, composition, abundance, frequency and basal area of tree species were recorded.Expand
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Climatic signals in tree rings of Burkea africana and Pterocarpus angolensis from semiarid forests in Namibia
Tree-ring studies contribute worldwide to the understanding of climate and its relation to tree growth. Long tree-ring chronologies serve as climate proxies for the reconstruction of past,Expand
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Phenology and stem-growth periodicity of tree species in Amazonian floodplain forests
To study the impact of the annual long-term flooding (flood-pulse) on seasonal tree development in Amazonian floodplains, the phenology and growth in stem diameter of various tree species withExpand
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Teleconnection between tree growth in the Amazonian floodplains and the El Nino-Southern Oscillation effect.
There is a limited knowledge about the El Niño–Southern Oscillation (ENSO) effects on the Amazon basin, the world’s largest tropical rain forest and a major factor in the global carbon cycle.Expand
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Climate–growth relationships of the dominant tree species from semi-arid savanna woodland in Ethiopia
Long-term climate–growth relationships, were examined in tree rings of four co-occurring tree species from semi-arid Acacia savanna woodlands in Ethiopia. The main purpose of the study was to proveExpand
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Tree species composition and diversity gradients in white‐water forests across the Amazon Basin
Aim Attention has increasingly been focused on the floristic variation within forests of the Amazon Basin. Variations in species composition and diversity are poorly understood, especially inExpand
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