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The Construction of Authorship: Textual Appropriation in Law and Literature
Contributors. Rosemary J. Coombe, Margreta de Grazia, Marvin D'Lugo, John Feather, N. N. Feltes, Ann Ruggles Gere, Peter Jaszi, Gerhard Joseph, Peter Lindenbaum, Andrea A. Lunsford and Lisa Ede,Expand
The New Economic Criticism : Studies at the interface of literature and economics
This collection brings together twenty-seven essays by influential literary and cultural historians, as well as representatives of the vanguard of postmodernist economics. Contributors include:Expand
Making and Unmaking Intellectual Property:Creative Production in Legal and Cultural Perspective
Rules regulating access to knowledge are no longer the exclusive province of lawyers and policymakers and instead command the attention of anthropologists, economists, literary theorists, politicalExpand
Toward a Genealogy of the Aesthetic: The German Reading Debate of the 1790s
At the beginning of his essay on "The Pleasures of the Imagination" Joseph Addison observes that very few people "know how to be idle and innocent, or have a Relish of any Pleasures that are notExpand
Introduction to literary hermeneutics
Foreword by Joel Weinsheimer Translator's preface 1. Introduction 2. Chladenius, I 3. Chladenius, II 4. Chladenius, III 5. Chladenius, IV 6. Meier, I 7. Meier, II 8. Ast 9. Schleiermacher, I 10.Expand