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One VM to rule them all
Building high-performance virtual machines is a complex and expensive undertaking; many popular languages still have low-performance implementations. We describe a new approach to virtual machineExpand
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Compiling Java just in time
The Java programming language promises portable, secure execution of applications. Early Java implementations relied on interpretation, leading to poor performance compared to compiled programs.Expand
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Heap compression for memory-constrained Java environments
Java is becoming the main software platform for consumer and embedded devices such as mobile phones, PDAs, TV set-top boxes, and in-vehicle systems. Since many of these systems are memoryExpand
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An Object-Based Memory Architecture
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Tuning garbage collection for reducing memory system energy in an embedded java environment
Java has been widely adopted as one of the software platforms for the seamless integration of diverse computing devices. Over the last year, there has been great momentum in adopting Java technologyExpand
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From Kansas to Oz: collaborative debugging when a shared world breaks
physics ever break? Carrying out their inconceivably complex tasks, the processes handling the motion and interaction of real-world objects seem incredibly consistent and reliable. Systems ofExpand
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An object-aware memory architecture
Despite its dominance, object-oriented computation has received scant attention from the architecture community. We propose a novel memory architecture that supports objects and garbage collectionExpand
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Tuning garbage collection in an embedded Java environment
Traditionally, the Java virtual machine (JVM), the cornerstone of Java technology, is tuned for performance, taking into account that the energy consumption requires re-evaluation, and possiblyExpand
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Multi-level Garbage Collection in a High-Performance Persistent Object System
Conventional garbage collectors exhibit poor virtual memory behaviour. This paper describes a novel garbage collection system that has been designed to cooperate with an object-based virtual memoryExpand
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