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Bleeding stomal varices: case series and systematic review of the literature.
BACKGROUND & AIMS Bleeding stomal varices are a common problem in patients with surgical stomas and portal hypertension, and remain difficult to diagnose and manage. METHODS We identified allExpand
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CT findings after uncomplicated percutaneous gastrostomy.
CT scans of the upper abdomen were obtained 1 hr to 9 days after percutaneous placement of feeding gastrostomy in 18 patients in order to establish a range of normal postprocedural findings. AExpand
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Lower extremity percutaneous transluminal angioplasty: multifactorial analysis of morbidity and mortality.
: We analyzed the outcome of 202 percutaneous transluminal angioplasty (PTA) procedures performed between 1983 and 1989 to quantitate procedural risks and define factors associated with suboptimalExpand
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The Bird's Nest inferior vena caval filter: review of a single-center experience.
PURPOSE To examine a large single-center experience with Bird's Nest vena caval filters for indications, clinically evident recurrent thromboembolic disease, and other filter-related complications.Expand
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Effects of improved contrast on lung-nodule detection. A clinical ROC study.
We evaluated the effects of unsharp masking and highly efficient scatter rejection on film-screen chest radiographs of cancer patients. Unsharp masking significantly improved the detectability ofExpand
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Abdominal abscesses associated with enteric fistulas: percutaneous management.
For many years, surgical dictum stated abdominal fistulas should be treated by means of surgical excision. Recent advances in percutaneous techniques have altered this. The authors reviewed 150Expand
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Pneumatoceles causing respiratory compromise. Treatment by percutaneous decompression.
Pulmonary pneumatoceles are uncommon but generally benign, thin-walled parenchymal air collections arising in association with acute pneumonia. Rarely, they may attain such size as to severely affectExpand
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Subcutaneous emphysema after percutaneous gastrostomy.
The development of techniques for percutaneous placement of gastric or transgastric jejunal feeding tubes now provides many patients with a simple, safe, and well-tolerated alternative to surgicalExpand
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Colouterine fistula and pyometrium treated with percutaneous drainage: A case report
Percutaneous drainage of intraabdominal abscesses has become a routine procedure for preoperative confirmation of diagnosis and patient stabilization, and often provides definitive therapy.Expand
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Pancreatic pseudocyst with fistula to the common bile duct: Radiological diagnosis and management
A patient was found to have fistulization of a pancreatic pseudocyst with the common bile duct. Resolution of the pseudocyst and the attendant biliary obstruction was achieved with percutaneousExpand
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