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Diversity of Mitochondrial DNA Lineages in South Siberia
To investigate the origin and evolution of aboriginal populations of South Siberia, a comprehensive mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) analysis (HVR1 sequencing combined with RFLP typing) of 480 individuals,Expand
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Mitochondrial DNA variability in Poles and Russians.
Mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) sequence variation was examined in Poles (from the Pomerania-Kujawy region; n = 436) and Russians (from three different regions of the European part of Russia; n = 201), forExpand
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Significant genetic differentiation between Poland and Germany follows present-day political borders, as revealed by Y-chromosome analysis
To test for human population substructure and to investigate human population history we have analysed Y-chromosome diversity using seven microsatellites (Y-STRs) and ten binary markers (Y-SNPs) inExpand
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Y-chromosome haplogroup N dispersals from south Siberia to Europe
AbstractIn order to reconstruct the history of Y-chromosome haplogroup (hg) N dispersals in north Eurasia, we have analyzed the diversity of microsatellite (STR) loci within two major hg N clades, N2Expand
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Homogeneity and distinctiveness of Polish paternal lineages revealed by Y chromosome microsatellite haplotype analysis
Abstract. Different regional populations from Poland were studied in order to assess the genetic heterogeneity within Poland, investigate the genetic relationships with other European populations andExpand
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Complex interactions of the Eastern and Western Slavic populations with other European groups as revealed by mitochondrial DNA analysis.
Mitochondrial DNA sequence variation was examined by the control region sequencing (HVS I and HVS II) and RFLP analysis of haplogroup-diagnostic coding region sites in 570 individuals from fourExpand
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Ancient links between Siberians and Native Americans revealed by subtyping the Y chromosome haplogroup Q1a
To investigate the structure of Y chromosome haplogroups R-M207 and Q-M242 in human populations of North Asia, we have performed high-resolution genotyping using both single nucleotide polymorphismsExpand
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Contrasting patterns of Y-chromosome variation in South Siberian populations from Baikal and Altai-Sayan regions
In order to investigate the genetic history of autochthonous South Siberian populations and to estimate the contribution of distinct patrilineages to their gene pools, we have analyzed 17Expand
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Phylogeography of the Y‐chromosome haplogroup C in northern Eurasia
To reconstruct the phylogenetic structure of Y‐chromosome haplogroup (hg) C in populations of northern Eurasia, we have analyzed the diversity of microsatellite (STR) loci in a total sample of 413Expand
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Y-chromosome diversity in the Kalmyks at the ethnical and tribal levels
The Mongolic-speaking Kalmyks currently inhabiting the steppes of the Volga region have Central Asian ancestry and are organized into the tribal groups. The genetic relationships among these tribesExpand
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