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A Chemotaxis System with Logistic Source
This paper deals with a nonlinear system of two partial differential equations arising in chemotaxis, involving a source term of logistic type. The existence of global bounded classical solutions is
Global Large-Data Solutions in a Chemotaxis-(Navier–)Stokes System Modeling Cellular Swimming in Fluid Drops
In the modeling of collective effects arising in bacterial suspensions in fluid drops, coupled chemotaxis-(Navier–)Stokes systems generalizing the prototype have been proposed to describe the
Boundedness in the Higher-Dimensional Parabolic-Parabolic Chemotaxis System with Logistic Source
We consider nonnegative solutions of the Neumann boundary value problem for the chemotaxis system in a smooth bounded convex domain Ω ⊂ ℝ n , n ≥ 1, where τ > 0, χ ∈ ℝ and f is a smooth function
Toward a mathematical theory of Keller–Segel models of pattern formation in biological tissues
This paper proposes a survey and critical analysis focused on a variety of chemotaxis models in biology, namely the classical Keller–Segel model and its subsequent modifications, which, in several
Does a ‘volume‐filling effect’ always prevent chemotactic collapse?
The parabolic–parabolic Keller–Segel system for chemotaxis phenomena,
Stabilization in a two-dimensional chemotaxis-Navier–Stokes system
AbstractThis paper deals with an initial-boundary value problem for the system $$\left\{ \begin{array}{llll} n_t + u\cdot\nabla n &=& \Delta n -\nabla \cdot (n\chi(c)\nabla c), \quad\quad &