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Classical Myth and Culture in the Cinema
Classical Myth and Culture in the Cinema is a collection of essays presenting a variety of approaches to films set in Ancient Greece and Rome and to films that reflect archetypal features ofExpand
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori?
AbstractThis essay examines occurrences of classical literature in selected American and European films about twentieth-century war. Homer’sIliad and Horace’s line fromOdes 3.2 quoted in the titleExpand
Troy: From Homer's Iliad to Hollywood Epic
List of Plates. Notes on Contributors. Editor's Introduction. 1 Was There a Trojan War? Troy Between Fiction and Archaeological Evidence. (Manfred O. Korfmann). 2 From Homer's Troy to Petersen'sExpand
Spartacus : film and history
List of Plates. Notes on Contributors. Introduction (Martin M. Winkler, George Mason University). 1. Who Killed the Legend of Spartacus? Production, Censorship, and Reconstruction of StanleyExpand
Cinema and classical texts : Apollo's new light
List of illustrations Acknowledgments Introduction: the god of light and the cinema eye 1. A certain tendency in classical philology 2. Divine epiphanies: Apollo and the Muses 3. The complexities ofExpand
The Holy Cause of Freedom: American Ideals in Spartacus
Juvenal in English
Juvenal (c55-c138) was a lawyer and satirist. His 16 verse satires attacked Roman life and society. This anthology documents the wide variety of translations, adaptations and imitations of Juvenal inExpand
The fall of the Roman Empire : film and history
List of Illustrations vii Notes on Contributors ix Editor's Preface xii 1. A Critical Appreciation of The Fall of the Roman Empire 1 Martin M. Winkler 2. History, Ancient and Modern, in The Fall ofExpand