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Special nutritional needs of children with malignancies: a review.
A Task Force was formed by the American Academy of Pediatrics to review the special nutritional needs of children with cancer and to discuss nutritional intervention strategies and their efficacies, and factors enhancing nutritional risks for the child with cancer are reviewed. Expand
Cellular response in rats during malnutrition at various ages.
Quantitative changes in DNA, RNA, and protein during prenatal and postnatal growth in the rat.
Normal growth in the rat is studied by determining total animal and individual organ DNA, RNA, protein, and weight at various times from 10 days after conception to maturity and should provide a baseline for further studies involving growth retardation. Expand
The Effect of Severe Early Malnutrition on Cellular Growth of Human Brain
This study demonstrates changes and establishes that cell division is curtailed in human brain by severe early malnutrition and provides yet another link in the ever lengthening chain of evidence linking malnutrition to faulty brain growth and development. Expand
Head circumference and cellular growth of the brain in normal and marasmic children.
The relationship between increasing head circumference and cellular growth of thebrain was examined in normal children and in children who died of severe malnutrition during the first year of life, supporting the validity of using changes in head circumference as a measure of postnatal brain growth in normal and malnourished infants. Expand
Changes in Nucleic Acid and Protein Content of the Human Brain During Growth
  • M. Winick
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Pediatric Research
  • 1 September 1968
The finding in this study indicate that cell division in the human brain appears to continue until five months of age ceases thereafter and that further growth occurs by increase in protein, RNA and, perhaps, lipid content of cells. Expand
Hunger disease. Studies by the Jewish physicians in the Warsaw Ghetto.
A meeting was held in Germany by top Gestapo officials, including Adolph Eichmann. This meeting was attended by some of the leading Nazi physicians. They had calculated that if the inhabitants of theExpand
Effects of environmental stimulation on brain N-acetylneuraminic acid content and behavior.
Improved behavioral performance was associated with a significantly higher ganglioside and glycoprotein N-acetylneuraminic acid (NANA) content in both brain areas analyzed and biochemical changes persisted into adulthood in the stimulated groups with the exception that the difference in cerebellar gangliosiside content had disappeared by this time. Expand
Malnutrition and brain development.
  • M. Winick
  • Medicine
  • The Journal of pediatrics
  • 1969
A P P R O X I M A T E L Y one haIf the population of the world has survived a period of serious nutritional deprivation during childhood? At the present moment more than 300 million childrenExpand