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The Botryosphaeriaceae: genera and species known from culture
In this paper we give an account of the genera and species in the Botryosphaeriaceae. We consider morphological characters alone as inadequate to define genera or identify species, given theExpand
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Eucalyptus Rust: A Disease with the Potential for Serious International Implications.
Eucalyptus spp. are propagated extensively as non-natives in plantations in many parts of the tropics and sub-tropics. A number of diseases result in serious losses to this economically importantExpand
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Pitch canker caused by Fusarium circinatum — a growing threat to pine plantations and forests worldwide
Pitch canker, caused by the fungus Fusarium circinatum, is one of the most important pathogens of Pinus species. Sporadic outbreaks and epidemics caused by this fungus have been reported fromExpand
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A class-wide phylogenetic assessment of Dothideomycetes
We present a comprehensive phylogeny derived from 5 genes, nucSSU, nucLSU rDNA, TEF1, RPB1 and RPB2, for 356 isolates and 41 families (six newly described in this volume) in Dothideomycetes. AllExpand
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Phylogenetic lineages in the Botryosphaeriales: a systematic and evolutionary framework
The order Botryosphaeriales represents several ecologically diverse fungal families that are commonly isolated as endophytes or pathogens from various woody hosts. The taxonomy of members of thisExpand
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Unravelling Mycosphaerella: do you believe in genera?
Many fungal genera have been defined based on single characters considered to be informative at the generic level. In addition, many unrelated taxa have been aggregated in genera because they sharedExpand
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Phylogeny and systematics of the genus Calonectria
Species of Calonectria are important plant pathogens, several of which have a worldwide distribution. Contemporary taxonomic studies on these fungi have chiefly relied on DNA sequence comparisons ofExpand
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Phylogenetic lineages in Pseudocercospora
Pseudocercospora is a large cosmopolitan genus of plant pathogenic fungi that are commonly associated with leaf and fruit spots as well as blights on a wide range of plant hosts. They occur in aridExpand
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Fungal Planet description sheets: 214–280
Novel species of microfungi described in the present study include the following from South Africa: Cercosporella dolichandrae from Dolichandra unguiscati, Seiridium podocarpi from PodocarpusExpand
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Co-occurring species of Teratosphaeria on Eucalyptus
A common leaf spot disease occurring on Eucalyptus cladocalyx and E. lehmannii in the Western Cape Province of South Africa is known from literature to be caused by the fungus Coniothyrium ovatum,Expand
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