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Incremental Clustering for Mining in a Data Warehousing Environment
It can be proven that the incremental algorithm yields the same result as DBSCAN, which is applicable to any database containing data from a metric space, e.g., to a spatial database or to a WWW-log database. Expand
Kwant: a software package for quantum transport
Kwant is a Python package for numerical quantum transport calculations. It aims to be a user-friendly, universal, and high-performance toolbox for the simulation of physical systems of anyExpand
Instant architecture
A new method for the automatic modeling of architecture using split grammars, a new type of parametric set grammar based on the concept of shape, which offers the flexibility required to model buildings using a large variety of different styles and design ideas. Expand
Light Space Perspective Shadow Maps
This paper presents a new shadow mapping technique that improves upon the quality of perspective and uniform shadow maps and shows that both uniform and perspective shadow maps distribute the perspective aliasing error that occurs in shadow mapping unequally over the available depth range. Expand
Evaluation of HDR tone mapping methods using essential perceptual attributes
This work presents an overview about the effects of basic image attributes in high dynamic range tone mapping, and proposes a scheme of relationships between these attributes, leading to the definition of an overall image quality measure. Expand
Coherent Hierarchical Culling: Hardware Occlusion Queries Made Useful
The method minimizes the number of issued queries and reduces the delays due to the latency of query results and can be easily integrated in existing real‐time rendering packages based on common hierarchical data structures. Expand
A Survey of Urban Reconstruction
The goal is to provide a survey that will help researchers to better position their own work in the context of existing solutions, and to help newcomers and practitioners in computer graphics to quickly gain an overview of this vast field. Expand
Image Attributes and Quality for Evaluation of Tone Mapping Operators
This paper presents an overview of image quality attributes of different tone mapping methods, and proposes a scheme of relationships between these attributes, leading to the definition of an overall image quality measure. Expand
Comments on " Unbiased Converted Measurements for Tracking "
Nearest-neighbour clutter removal for estimating features in spatial point processes. A density-based algorithm for discovering clusters in large spatial databases with noise. Efficient algorithmsExpand
CHC++: Coherent Hierarchical Culling Revisited
A new algorithm for efficient Occlusion culling using hardware occlusion queries which significantly improves on previous techniques by making better use of temporal and spatial coherence of visibility by using adaptive visibility prediction and query batching is presented. Expand