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SOX8 Is Expressed during Testis Differentiation in Mice and Synergizes with SF1 to Activate the Amh Promoter in Vitro*
Sox8 is a member of the Sox family of developmental transcription factor genes and is closely related to Sox9, a key gene in the testis determination pathway in mammals. Like Sox9, Sox8 is expressedExpand
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Global review of human-induced earthquakes
The Human-induced Earthquake Database, HiQuake, is a comprehensive record of earthquake sequences postulated to be induced by anthropogenic activity. It contains over 700 cases spanning the periodExpand
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The Mef2A Transcription Factor Coordinately Regulates a Costamere Gene Program in Cardiac Muscle*
The Mef2 family of transcription factors regulates muscle differentiation, but the specific gene programs controlled by each member remain unknown. Characterization of Mef2A knock-out mice hasExpand
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Crypt-Restricted Loss and Decreased Protein Expression of Cytochrome c Oxidase Subunit I as Potential Hypothesis-Driven Biomarkers of Colon Cancer Risk
There is an increasing demand for the development of intermediate biomarkers to assess colon cancer risk. We previously determined that a live cell bioassay, which assesses apoptosis resistance inExpand
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Expression of the tudor-related gene Tdrd5 during development of the male germline in mice.
Homologues of Drosophila germ cell determinant genes such as vasa, nanos and tudor have recently been implicated in development of the male germline in mice. In the present study, the mouse geneExpand
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HMG box transcription factor gene Hbp1 is expressed in germ cells of the developing mouse testis
HMG box containing protein 1 (HBP1) is a high mobility group domain transcriptional repressor that regulates proliferation in differentiated tissues. We have found mouse Hbp1 to be expressed stronglyExpand
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HiQuake : The Human-Induced Earthquake Database.
ABSTRACT HiQuake —The Human‐Induced Earthquake Database is the most complete database of anthropogenic projects proposed, on scientific grounds, to have induced earthquake sequences. It is freelyExpand
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Reduced Pms2 Expression in Non-Neoplastic Flat Mucosa From Patients With Colon Cancer Correlates With Reduced Apoptosis Competence
Pms2 protein is a component of the DNA mismatch repair complex responsible both for post-replication correction of DNA nucleotide mispairs and for early steps in apoptosis. Germline mutations in DNAExpand
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Molecular Identity of Holomastigotes (Spirotrichonymphea, Parabasalia) with Descriptions of Holomastigotes flavipes n. sp. and Holomastigotes tibialis n. sp.
Holomastigotes is a protist genus (Parabasalia: Spirotrichonymphea) that resides in the hindguts of “lower” termites. It can be distinguished from other parabasalids by spiral flagellar bands thatExpand
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The Bent Hip and Bent Knee Gait and its Possible Role in the Evolution of Modern Human Bipedalism
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