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Chimaeric twins: Why monochorionicity does not guarantee monozygosity
Monochorionic placentation has been consideredpathognomonic of monozygosity for generations ofobstetricians. This rule has been considered so robust thatalmost all parents of twins with a singleExpand
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Inactivation of Important Viral Contaminants in All Blood Components
Plasma (~600 mL), platelet components (2.5 – 6.0 x10 11 platelets in ~300 mL of 35% plasma/65% InterSol TM ) and RBC components (~280 mL in AS-5) were inoculated with HIV, bovine viral diarrhea virusExpand
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Functional Catalytic Surfaces for Environmental Sustainability
Functional surfaces are of crucial importance to both fundamental and applied science. Many phenomena are driven by the properties of interfaces: catalysis, corrosion and adhesion to name a few.Expand
On the Material and Immaterial Architecture of Organised Positivism in Britain
Positivism captured the Victorian imagination. Curiously, however, no work has focused on the architectural history and theory of Positivist halls in Britain. Scholars present these spaces ofExpand
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Research, Expressivism, and Silence.
The research paper is a perennial problem in the composition course, and there are those who maintain, as Richard Larson has argued, that it is not even a separate form of writing. Larson and othersExpand
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A New Civic Spirit for Garden City-states
Sybella Gurney (1870–1926) made important and largely unrecognized contributions to British community design theory and practice. This essay begins with an exploration of her youthful social reformExpand
Labour, utopia and modern design theory: the positivist sociology of Frederic Harrison
ABSTRACT Historians of modern design and sociology have shown little interest in the leaders of the ever resourceful and influential British Positivist Society. One of the aims of this essay is toExpand
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