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Contemporary trends and issues in IT adoption and diffusion research
The high level of investigative activity to date into information systems and information technology acceptance and diffusion has witnessed the use of a wide range of exploratory techniques, examining many different systems and technologies in countless different contexts and geographical locations. Expand
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Modeling Consumers’ Adoption Intentions of Remote Mobile Payments in the United Kingdom: Extending UTAUT with Innovativeness, Risk, and Trust
Mobile payments (MPs) are predicted to be one of the future's most successful mobile services but have achieved limited acceptance in developed countries to date. PCs are still the preferredExpand
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The unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT): a literature review
A systematic review of articles that have used the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) based on the UTAUT model. Expand
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Exploring consumer adoption of proximity mobile payments
The widespread penetration of proximity mobile payment (MP) systems could drastically change the methods in which consumers purchase goods and services. However, earlier forecasts of the success ofExpand
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Is UTAUT really used or just cited for the sake of it? a systematic review of citations of UTAUT's originating article
This paper presents the results of a systematic review of 450 citations of the originating article in an attempt to better understand the reasons for citation, use and adaptations of the theory. Expand
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Consumer adoption of mobile banking in Jordan: Examining the role of usefulness, ease of use, perceived risk and self-efficacy
We propose a conceptual model that best explains the key factors influencing Jordanian customers ' intention to adopt mobile banking (MB). Expand
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Older people and internet engagement: Acknowledging social moderators of internet adoption, access and use
This paper seeks to describe a deep investigation of the phenomenon of internet engagement amongst older people and a model of older people's internet engagement. Expand
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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Multidisciplinary perspectives on emerging challenges, opportunities, and agenda for research, practice and policy
As far back as the industrial revolution, significant development in technical innovation has succeeded in transforming numerous manual tasks and processes that had been in existence for decadesExpand
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A meta-analysis of existing research on citizen adoption of e-government
This paper is to perform a weight-analysis and to undertake a meta-analysis of findings reported in published research on the adoption and diffusion of e-government. Expand
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