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Control Configuration and Control Enactment in Information Systems Projects: Review and Expanded Theoretical Framework
The control of information systems (IS) projects is a key activity for deployment of information technology resources and ultimately for value creation through IT. Expand
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Forced coopetition in IT multi-sourcing
We introduce the concept of forced coopetition to describe the vendor relationships in IT multi-sourcing models. Expand
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The rise of the penitentiary: prisons and punishment in early America
A biography of William Farr Jarvis, an American physician and statistician, who spent much of his career in and around his native Massachusetts, where he sought and found consolation in pursuit of the more intellectual and scientific aspects of medicine, making himself an expert in psychological medicine, in public health, and, above all, in the evolving field of medical statistics. Expand
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Information Systems Offshoring - A Literature Review and Analysis
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The Pristine Culture of Capitalism: A Historical Essay on Old Regimes and Modern States.
Capitalism was born in England, yet the dominant Western conceptions of modernity have come from elsewhere, notably from France, the historical model of 'bourgeois' society. In this lively andExpand
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English Culture and the Decline of the Industrial Spirit, 1850-1980
An exploration of the cultural background of modern Britain's economic malaise. Traces the development of a pervasive middle and upper class frame of mind hostile to industrialism and economic growthExpand
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A multi‐method, holistic strategy for researching critical success factors in IT projects
In the field of information systems (IS) there is an observable trend towards the use of multi‐method research. Expand
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The effective promotion of informal control in information systems offshoring projects
This study focuses the client’s role in promoting informal controls in interorganizational projects involving distant client–vendor relationships as well as the effectiveness of such controls. Expand
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To coerce or to enable? Exercising formal control in a large information systems project
In virtually every information systems (IS) project, control is exercised on multiple hierarchical levels. Expand
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Critical Success Factors for Managing Offshore Software Development Projects
Abstract Early experiences with offshore software development (OSD) have not been consistently positive. There have been abundant media reports of various companies whose offshore projects were notExpand
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