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Trennung von freien und proteingebundenen Steroiden mit Amberlite
AbstractAmberlite IRA 400-coated resin strips were tested with regard to their capability to separate free from protein-bound steroids, and as such to act as an adsorbant for the determination ofExpand
Untersuchungen über die Verwendung von125J-markiertem Testosteron bei Proteinbindungsmethoden
AbstractThe newly synthesized125I-testosterone-3-carboxy-methyloxime-tyramide was tested for its applicability in protein binding methods. The binding of the radioactive steroid derivative to sexExpand
Untersuchungen über die Adsorption von Steroiden an Florisil und Amberlite. Methode zur getrennten Bestimmung der Glucuronide und Sulfate von Androgenen
Conditions for adsorption of C19- and C21-steroids on florisil were testet with radioactive steroids. By this procedure the glucuronides of Androsterone, Etiocholanolone, Dehydroepiandrosterone andExpand
Bestimmung des Metabolismus und der Produktionsrate von Testosteron, Dehydroepiandrosteron und Dehydroepiandrosteronsulfat
After the i.v. application of 4–6 μCi14C-testosterone and 7–8 μCi3H-androstendione or equivalent dosages of tritium dehydroepiandrosterone sulphate and dehydroepiandrosterone the gluouronides ofExpand
Produktion und Stoffwechsel von Corticosteroiden und Androgenen bei der Lebercirrhose
It is demonstrated that in patients with cirrhosis of the liver, conclusions on the function of the adrenals and the gonads, based on results of urinary analysis of steroid hormones, are limited. Expand
Über den Metabolismus von Androgenen in vivo und in vitro bei überzähligem Y-Chromosom
In 3 patients with supernumerary Y-chromosome (47, XYY or 48, XXYY) we injected 14C-T and 3H-Δ A or 14C-DHEA and 3H-DHEA-sulf. and calculated production and interconversion rates of these androgensExpand