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Genotypic diversity, molecular markers and spatial distribution of genets in clonal plants, a literature survey
A literature survey of studies using molecular markers to investigate genet diversity and structure in clonal plants finds that multi-samples of ramets within these “clones” turned out to be variable using isozymes indicating that these ”clones" in most cases consisted of several genets.
Pollen limitation and distance-dependent fecundity in females of the clonal gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea (Lamiaceae)
SummaryPollen movement is often restricted in natural populations, and insufficient pollination is a potential constraint on sexual reproduction in outcrossing species. Seed-set should decrease with
Sexual reproduction in a clonal, gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea
There was a significant correlation between fruit-set of female clones and the number of surrounding hermaphroditic ramets in natural populations of Glechoma hederacea in South Sweden.
Population divergence of genetic (co)variance matrices in a subdivided plant species, Brassica cretica
Differences between estimates of population structure (Qst) for seven phenotypic characters with the corresponding measures for allozyme markers (Fst) were too small to be declared significant, indicating that stochastic processes have played a major role in the structuring of quantitative variation in this species.
Sex expression in the clonal gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea (Lamiaceae)
The frequency of sex morphs of the clonal plant, Glechoma hederacea L., was recorded at ramet, clone, and population levels in the province of Skane, South Sweden and sex expression was found to be genotype specific.
Enzyme variation and inheritance in Glechoma hederacea (Lamiaceae), a diploidized tetraploid.
The data suggest that the tetraploids G. hederaca is a diploidized autotetraploid, in close agreement with expectations based on disomic inheritance.
Clonal structure and reproductive biology in the gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea L. Lamiaceae
Clonal structure and reproductive biology in the gynodioecious herb Glechoma hederacea L. Lamiaceae and the clonal structure of the species usually caused a reduction in seed set in females, and Disomic inheritance of duplicated loci was found in this tetraploid species, and segregation ratios for allozymes conformed to Mendelian expectation.