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A higher-level phylogenetic classification of the Fungi.
A comprehensive phylogenetic classification of the kingdom Fungi is proposed, with reference to recent molecular phylogenetic analyses, and with input from diverse members of the fungal taxonomicExpand
Reconstructing the early evolution of Fungi using a six-gene phylogeny
It is indicated that there may have been at least four independent losses of the flagellum in the kingdom Fungi, and the enigmatic microsporidia seem to be derived from an endoparasitic chytrid ancestor similar to Rozella allomycis, on the earliest diverging branch of the fungal phylogenetic tree. Expand
A phylum-level phylogenetic classification of zygomycete fungi based on genome-scale data
It is demonstrated that zygomycetes comprise two major clades that form a paraphyletic grade, and the phyla Mucoromycota and ZoopagomyCota are circumscribed. Expand
Phylogeny of the Zygomycota based on nuclear ribosomal sequence data.
A molecular-based phylogeny including recognized representatives of the Zygomycetes and TrichomycETes with a combined dataset for nuclear rRNA 18S (SSU), 5.8S and 28S (LSU) genes is presented. Expand
Harpellales in Newfoundland aquatic insect larvae
Low vagility of Plecoptera and the occurrence of different species of Orphella in the USA and Europe suggest that the genus existed before the North Atlantic formed a barrier as the continents separated. Expand
Preserving accuracy in GenBank
GenBank, the public repository for nucleotide and protein sequences, is a critical resource for molecular biology, evolutionary biology, and ecology. While some attention has been drawn to sequenceExpand
Trichomycetes from Lentic and Lotic Aquatic Habitats in Ontario, Canada
Thirty-two trichomycete species were recovered, including 7 new species: Legeriomyces algonquinensis, Legeriosimilis leptocerci, Legersia whitneyi, and Paramoebidium umbonatum are described from mayfly nymphs, and seven species are documented for the first time in Canada. Expand
Arthropod gut fungi from Puerto Rico and summary of tropical Trichomycetes worldwide.
The potential severe underestimation of the diversity of tropical Trichomycetes is highlighted and it is suggested that further surveys are warranted, especially with the current focus on biodiversity and tropical microfungi. Expand
Challenges and Future Perspectives in the Systematics of Kickxellomycotina, Mortierellomycotina, Mucoromycotina , and Zoopagomycotina
Evidence suggests that genome sequencing from a wide array of taxa in these four subphyla combined with innovative environmental sampling approaches is likely to revolutionize the authors' understanding of these fungi and also the fungal tree of life. Expand
Fungi associated with passalid beetles and their mites
A new genus and species of branched fungus, Enteroramus dimorphus, lives in the hindgut of the common eastern North American passalid, Odonto- taenius disjunctus, and in axenic culture the fungus con- verts to a yeastlike growth form. Expand