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Menu Auctions, Resource Allocation, and Economic Influence
In many examples of competitive bidding (e.g., government construction contracting) the relevant object is either partially divisible or ill-defined, in contrast to much of the recent theoreticalExpand
Multimarket Contact and Collusive Behavior
Traditional analyses of industrial behavior typically link the exercise of market power in an industry to internal features such as demand conditions, concentration, and barriers-to-entry.Expand
Free Entry and Social Inefficiency
Previous articles have noted the possibility of socially inefficient levels of entry in markets in which firms must incur fixed set-up costs upon entry. This article identifies the fundamental andExpand
Tying, Foreclosure, and Exclusion
Tied sales have a long history of scrutiny under the antitrust laws of the United States. The primary basis for the condemnation of this practice has been the court's belief in what has come to beExpand
A Multi-Risk SIR Model with Optimally Targeted Lockdown
We develop a multi-risk SIR model (MR-SIR) where infection, hospitalization and fatality rates vary between groups—in particular between the “young”, “the middleaged” and the“old”. Expand
Coalition-Proof Nash Equilibria I. Concepts
Abstract In an important class of “noncooperative” environments, it is natural to assume that players can freely discuss their strategies, but cannot make binding commitments. In such cases, anyExpand
Exclusive Dealing
In this paper, we provide a conceptual framework for understanding the phenomenon of exclusive dealing, and we explore the motivations for and effects of its use. For a broad class of models, weExpand
Incomplete Contracts and Strategic Ambiguity
Why are observed contracts so often incomplete in the sense that they leave contracting parties' obligations vague or unspecified? Traditional answers to this question invoke transaction costs orExpand
Patent Expiration, Entry, and Competition in the U.S. Pharmaceutical Industry
THE ETHICAL PHARMACEUTICAL industry is an important one, not so much for its economic size as for the benefits that it delivers to users of its products. The industry has been transformedExpand