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Sigfox and LoRaWAN Datasets for Fingerprint Localization in Large Urban and Rural Areas
Three LPWAN datasets which are collected in large-scale urban and rural areas are presented to provide the research community with a tool to evaluate fingerprinting algorithms in large outdoor environments. Expand
DASH7 alliance protocol 1.0: Low-power, mid-range sensor and actuator communication
The paper explains its historic relation to active RFID standards ISO 18000-7 for 433 MHz communication, the basic concepts and communication paradigms of the protocol, and the implementation of every OSI layer. Expand
Survey of the DASH7 Alliance Protocol for 433 MHz Wireless Sensor Communication
The DASH7 Alliance Protocol, an active RFID alliance standard for 433 MHz wireless sensor communication based on the ISO/IEC 18000-7, is presented and a software stack implementation named OSS-7 is introduced, which is an open source implementation of the Dash7 alliance protocol used for testing, rapid prototyping, and demonstrations. Expand
Mobile Phone-Based Displacement Estimation for Opportunistic Localisation Systems
The results establish that the estimates of the algorithm are valuable when fusing with other technologies or environment information, to aid the estimation of the location. Expand
Outdoor Fingerprinting Localization Using Sigfox
The accuracy of an outdoor fingerprinting technique using a large outdoor Sigfox dataset which is openly available is discussed, and a kNN (k Nearest Neighbors) algorithm is applied to the fingerprinting database. Expand
A WiFi Assisted GPS Positioning Concept
The need for context aware services will raise during the next years. Ubiquitous global navigation is still not feasible in urban and indoor environments. Since more and more places are covered byExpand
A realistic evaluation of indoor positioning systems based on Wi-Fi fingerprinting: The 2015 EvAAL-ETRI competition
This is the first work in which Wi-Fi fingerprinting algorithm results delivered by several independent and competing teams are fairly compared under the same evaluation conditions, and indicates that the competing systems where complementary. Expand
A Survey of Rigid 3D Pointcloud Registration Algorithms
The main contribution of this paper consists of an overview of registration algorithms that are of interest in the field of computer vision and robotics, for example Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. Expand
Indoor localization using a magnetic flux density map of a building
Tests were performed to determine how feasible geomagnetic indoor localization is for a handheld smartphone device and pattern matching, a technique often used by radio-frequency based localization technologies, will be used to determine the position of such a device. Expand
A Survey on Detection, Tracking and Identification in Radio Frequency-Based Device-Free Localization
A comprehensive overview of this evolutionary process of tagless or device-free localization is provided, essential DFL concepts are described and several key techniques whose creation marked important milestones within this field of research are highlighted. Expand