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Arsenic contamination in Bangladesh groundwater: A major environmental and social disaster
The present article reviews the current arsenic contamination of ground water, hydrological systems, groundwater potential and utilization and environmental pollution in Bangladesh and clarifies the main actions required to ensure the sustainable development of water resources in Bangladesh. Expand
Metal Concentrations in Rice and Pulses of Samta Village, Bangladesh
Evaluation of alternative approaches to rainforest restoration on abandoned pasturelands in tropical North Queensland, Australia
The results indicate that the diversity of species used in restoration had a major influence on natural recruitment in the wet tropical rainforest region of northeast Queensland, Australia. Expand
The impact of deforestation and pasture abandonment on soil properties in the wet tropics of Australia
Abstract Limited information exists on the changes in soil properties, particularly from the wet tropics of Australia, under long-term abandoned pasture, which was previously grazed and wasExpand
Restoration on abandoned tropical pasturelands—do we know enough?
There is immediate need for further research and development on restoration techniques by examining the ecological and economic effectiveness of direct seeding, stem cuttings using native pioneer or climax species and simple manipulation such as displacing branches of pioneer species with mature seeds on abandoned and degraded pasturelands and artificial perching to accelerate natural regeneration. Expand
Habitat Relationships of the Herpetofauna of Remnant Buloke Woodlands of the Wimmera Plains, Victoria.
A significant relationship was found between the herpetofaunal and reptile species richness and the level of past grazing pressure and vegetation understorey structure, and species richness of amphibians was best predicted by soil type. Expand
Arid land vegetation dynamics after a rare flooding event: influence of fire and grazing
Abstract Arid vegetation is subjected to more or less frequent fire, drought, and sporadic flooding events and grazing. Whilst fire, drought and grazing have been the subject of considerableExpand
The vegetation of the Scotia 1: 100 000 map sheet, western New South Wales
Westbrooke, M.E., Miller, J.D. and Kerr, M.K.C. (Centre for Environmental Management, University of Ballarat, PO Box 663 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia 3353) 1998. The vegetation of the Scotia 1: 100Expand
Modelling the effects of water-point closure and fencing removal: a GIS approach.
It is found that the manipulation of water-points and fences in one management intervention may change grazing activity in a way different to that which would be experienced if each had been modified separately. Expand
Rainfall and grazing : Not the only barriers to arid-zone conifer recruitment
This work examined recruitment patterns of C. glaucophylla in differential grazing exclosures (excluding rabbits, excluding large herbivores or excluding both) and in unfenced areas, and found chances of recruitment appear to be enhanced in low-density stands, around large trees, and in dune blow outs. Expand