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A normative‐developmental study of executive function: A window on prefrontal function in children
Normative‐developmental performance on a battery of executive function tasks was investigated. Executive function was defined as goal‐directed behavior, including planning, organized search, andExpand
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Assessing frontal lobe functioning in children: Views from developmental psychology
This review presents the potential contribution of developmental psychology to a more complete understanding of the nature of frontal lobe functioning in children. The cognitive construct ofExpand
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Contrasting Cognitive Deficits in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder versus Reading Disability.
We compared 2 common and sometimes comorbid developmental disorders, reading disability (RD) and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), in 2 cognitive domains, phonological processes (PP)Expand
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Towers of Hanoi and London: Contribution of Working Memory and Inhibition to Performance
The Tower of Hanoi and Tower of London have become well-established executive function tasks that presumably tap cognitive skills mediated by the frontal cortex. It has been assumed that the twoExpand
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Rule-guided behavior and self-monitoring on the tower of hanoi disk-transfer task
Abstract Problem-solving efficiency, rule-based strategies, and self-monitoring were observed on a novel planning task that provided feedback, practice, and the opportunity for strategy revision. TheExpand
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Twenty-Five Years of Research on Neurocognitive Outcomes in Early-Treated Phenylketonuria: Intelligence and Executive Function
Studies published from 1980 through 2004, which explored intelligence and executive function outcomes in early-treated PKU, were included in the present meta-analysis. The objective of this study wasExpand
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Towers of Hanoi and London: Reliability and Validity of Two Executive Function Tasks
The Towers of Hanoi and London are presumed to measure executive functions such as planning and working memory. Both have been used as a putative assessment of frontal lobe function. In this study,Expand
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The Development and Preliminary Validation of the Tower of Hanoi-Revised
The objective of this study was to redesign the Tower of Hanoi (TOH) in order to increase the reliability and explore the validity of the task. In order to achieve this goal, a two-phase process wasExpand
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A longitudinal assessment of the academic correlates of early peer acceptance and rejection.
Examines the extent to which academic achievement and work habits of first and second graders are predicted by classroom social status over the kindergarten, first-, and second-grade period. ThreeExpand
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