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Survival of patients with primary fallopian tube carcinoma.
A retrospective analysis confirms the poor prognosis of patients with PFTC and identifies a group of patients potentially curable with surgery alone, and clarify the role of adjuvant therapy. Expand
Isolated expression of the Muir‐Torre phenotype in a member of a family with hereditary non‐polyposis colorectal cancer
The presentation of the Muir-Torre phenotype in a single member of a large family with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer and known to carry a point mutation in hMSH26 is described. Expand
Benign peripheral nerve sheath tumor of the seminal vesicle
D diagnosis of a benign nerve sheath tumor most likely benign schwannoma was made in a 54year-old man by routine digital rectal examination. Expand
Ovarian low grade serous carcinoma: A case report
The spectrum of histological appearances in a low grade ovarian serous carcinoma is presented, for instance areas resembling serous cystadenoma through to borderline serous change. Expand