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Bayesian Modeling and Chronological Precision for Polynesian Settlement of Tonga
This paper re-examine and redevelops this chronology through application of Bayesian models to the questioned suite of radiocarbon dates, but also incorporating short-lived wood charcoal dates from archived samples and high precision U/Th dates on coral artifacts.
Prehistory and human ecology in Eastern Polynesia: Excavations at Tangatatau Rockshelter, Mangaia, Cook Islands
The Tangatatau Rockshelter (site MAN-44, Mangaia, Cook Islands) has produced one of Eastern Polynesia's most comprehensive chrono-stratigraphic sequences of artifacts, vertebrate and invertebrate
Stone Adze Compositions and the Extent of Ancient Polynesian Voyaging and Trade
The trace element and isotope chemistries of a stone adze recovered from the Tuamotu Archipelago are unlike those of sources in central Polynesia but are similar to the Kaho'olawe Island hawaiite, in the Hawaiian Islands, supporting the oral histories.
High Precision U/Th Dating of First Polynesian Settlement
High precision U/Th dates of Acropora coral files (abraders) from Nukuleka give unprecedented resolution, identifying the founder event by 2838±8 BP and documenting site development over the ensuing 250 years.
Life on the edge: prehistoric settlement and economy on Utrōk Atoll, northern Marshall Islands
The prehistoric settlement pattern and economy of Utrōk Atoll, situated near the northern limit of permanently-inhabited atolls in the Marshall Islands, is described and interpreted from a complete
Berberass: Marine resource specialisation and environmental change in Torres Strait during the past 4000 years
Excavations at Badu 19 midden on the islet of Berberass in western Torres Strait have revealed a 4000 year antiquity for dugong hunting and finfishing, with major increases in intensities of site and
Hard Evidence for Prehistoric Interaction in Polynesia
  • M. Weisler
  • Geology
    Current Anthropology
  • 1 August 1998
Afin d'etudier les possibilites d'interaction entre les iles polynesiennes a l'epoque prehistorique, ces iles etant depourvues d'objets de ceramique ou d'obsidienne, materiaux qui permettent
Henderson Island prehistory: colonization and extinction on a remote Polynesian island
An archaeological survey of the Pitcairn Islands is provided and the human abandonment of Henderson, by the seventeenth century, is viewed in the context of prehistoric regional dynamics.
A Multidisciplinary Approach for Dating Human Colonization of Pacific Atolls
ABSTRACT The timing of reef platform emergence and the detailed chronology of reef island development provides a powerful backdrop for constraining the earliest period possible for prehistoric human
Mask cave : Red-slipped pottery and the Australian-Papuan settlement of Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait)
Excavations at Mask Cave on the sacred islet of Pulu off Mabuyag in the central west of Zenadh Kes (Torres Strait) reveal four occupational phases: Phase 1 (2900-3800 years ago), Phase 2 (2100-2600