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Some computer science issues in ubiquitous computing
What is new and different about the computer science in ubiquitous computing is explained, and a series of examples drawn from various subdisciplines of computer science are outlined. Expand
The computer for the 21st century
Consider writing, perhaps the first information technology: The ability to capture a symbolic representation of spoken language for long-term storage freed information from the limits of individualExpand
Scheduling for reduced CPU energy
A new metric for cpu energy performance, millions-of-instructions-per-joule (MIPJ), and several methods for varying the clock speed dynamically under control of the operating system, and examine the performance of these methods against workstation traces. Expand
Designing Calm Technology
A radically new tool that communicates both light and heavy network traffic and is so beautifully integrated with human information processing that one does not even need to be looking at it or near it to take advantage of its peripheral clues. Expand
Programmers use slices when debugging
The experiment reported here shows that programmers also routinely break programs into one kind of coherent piece which is not coniguous. Expand
The coming age of calm technolgy
The important waves of technological change are those that fundamentally alter the place of technology in our lives. What matters is not technology itself, but its relationship to us.
Program Slicing
  • M. Weiser
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering
  • 9 March 1981
In particular, finding statement-minimal slices is in general unsolvable, but using data flow analysis is sufficient to find approximate slices. Expand
Garbage collection in an uncooperative environment
This approach greatly simplifies the implementation of languages supporting garbage collection and allows conventional compilers to be used with a garbage collector, either as the primary means of storage reclamation, or as a debugging tool. Expand