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Dual Attraction: Understanding Bisexuality
For the past two generations, extensive research has been conducted on the determinants of homosexuality. But, until now, scant attention has been paid to what is perhaps the most mysterious-andExpand
Pornography, Normalization, and Empowerment
It is wanted to see whether viewing pornography appeared to expand sexual horizons through normalization and facilitate a willingness to explore new sexual behaviors and sexual relationships through empowerment and whether the effects to be mediated by gender and sexual preference identity. Expand
The Social Constituents of Sadomasochism
Traditional conceptions of sadomasochism are misleading. This is because they are not based on close examination of what the majority of SM participants actually do and how they interpret their ownExpand
Gendered Sex Work in the San Francisco Tenderloin
Examining gender differences in the work of 140 sex workers in the San Francisco Tenderloin, it is found that women do not suffer inequities of income, and transgenders are more like the men, although various aspect of their condition make for some uniquedifferences. Expand
Deviance: The Interactionist Perspective
*Indicates new article to this edition. Preface. General Introduction. I. THE SOCIAL DEVIANT. 1. The Process of Social Typing. Howard S. Becker, Outsiders. David F. Luckenbill and Joel Best, CareersExpand
Zoophilia in Men: A Study of Sexual Interest in Animals
How the participants acquired the identity label of zoophile, what it meant to them, and their relationships among themselves are described, and how the balance of animal and human desires creates different forms of zoophilia is described. Expand
Reactions to pornography on a college campus: For or against?
In recent years pornography has become a controversial political/moral issue sparking intense debate among a variety of groups. The purpose of the research carried out in 1988 and reported here wasExpand