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The Bamboo Network: How Expatriate Chinese Entrepreneurs Are Creating a New Economic Superpower in Asia
This work shows how a remarkable group of ethnic Chinese families is transforming Mainland China. These enterprising leaders fled the mainland after the communist take-over and built extensiveExpand
The Chinese Family Business Enterprise
The family enterprise is the basic economic unit of the typical overseas Chinese community. Those ethnic-Chinese businesses, in turn, are the pacing element in the fastest growing part of theExpand
Outsourcing: Pros and cons
Abstract Overseas outsourcing of jobs is far more complicated than is generally understood. Pressures to outsource range from better-serving overseas markets to increasing the competitiveness ofExpand
Learning to compete
Learning to Compete (L2C) is a collaborative project of the Africa Growth Initiative at The Brookings Institution, the United Nations University World Institute for Development Economics ResearchExpand
Who will Guard the Guardians? The Social Responsibility of NGOs
Nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) comprise the sector of society that attempts to hold business and other institutions accountable for their social responsibility. Yet NGOs rarely have establishedExpand
Competing in a Global Marketplace
In response to the rising intensity of global competition, business firms are making a variety of organizational changes. Even the firm most oriented to domestic business is increasing its geographicExpand
The Nunn-Domenici USA Tax: Analysis and Comparisons
A comparison showing the pros and cons of different tax plans: the USA Tax Plan, a Flat Tax, Value-Added Tax, and Retail Sales Tax.
The Competition of Ideas: The World of the Washington Think Tanks
Murray Weidenbaum has been a visiting scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and the Center for Strategic and International Studies, a speaker at meetings at the Brookings Institution, the CatoExpand