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Mobile technology appropriation in a distant mirror : baroque infiltration , creolization and cannibalism
In recent years, mobile phone penetration has increased dramatically throughout Latin America. Rising penetration numbers tell an important story, but only part of the story. To fully grasp theExpand
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Balancing Adder for error tolerant applications
This work presents a novel imprecise Error Tolerant Balancing Adder (ETBA) design - an augmentation of the ETAIIM IHW adder that reduces errors by introducing a balance block that detects and corrects carry chain inconsistencies in the EtaIIM but operates off the critical path. Expand
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Use of Herring Bait to Farm Lobsters in the Gulf of Maine
Background Ecologists, fisheries scientists, and coastal managers have all called for an ecosystem approach to fisheries management, yet many species such as the American lobster (Homarus americanus)Expand
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Android based Object Detection and Classification : Modeling a Child ’ s learning of what ’ s Hot / Cold
As part of a young child’s learning process, there are specific items that are discovered through the embodied experience. It’s been shown that an infant is going to using their hands and feet toExpand
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Development of a Prototype that Measures the Coefficient of Friction Between Skis and Snow
This paper discusses the development a system for measuring the kinetic coefficient of friction between the bottom surface of a ski and snow. The prototype for taking these friction measurements hasExpand
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A Vision of Swarmlets
A way to compose swarmlets by composing "accessors,"' which are wrappers for sensors, actuators, and services, that export an actor interface. Expand
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Teleoperated versus open needle driving: Kinematic analysis of experienced surgeons and novice users
We used the da Vinci Research Kit and an instrumented surgical needle-driver to systematically compare teleoperated and open needle-driving of experienced surgeons and novice users. Expand
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Building Community and Tools for Analyzing Web Archives Through Datathons
This paper details our experiences in designing these "datathons", with an intent to share lessons learned, highlight interdisciplinary approaches to research and education on web archives, and describe future opportunities. Expand
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Boundary‐conforming coordinates with grid line control for acoustic scattering from complexly shaped obstacles
The current work sets forth a practical approach to numerically solve two-dimensional direct acoustic scattering problems from complexly shaped scatterers with severe singularities, such as cornersExpand
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