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Pharmacokinetics of ketoprofen following single oral, intramuscular and rectal doses and after repeated oral administration
The results suggest that the rectal suppository can be recommended as an extravascular mode of administration of this drug and in agreement with those predicted from the single oral dose study.
Protective action of ulinastatin against cisplatin nephrotoxicity in mice and its effect on the lysosomal fragility.
Results indicate that ulinastatin has a protective effect against cisplatin nephrotoxicity, and its prevention of the increase in lysosomal fragility is a probable mechanism involved in the renal protection.
The effect of assay methods on plasma levels and pharmacokinetics of theophylline: HPLC and EIA.
The sampling end-point and/or assay sensitivity particularly to measure a lower level of theophylline can influence the pharmacokinetics for a potent bronchodilator with a narrow therapeutic margin, theophyLLine.
Free radical pathways in the in vitro hepatic metabolism of phenelzine.
The results indicate that the metabolism of phenelzine by rat liver microsomes proceeds primarily via the 2-phenylethyl radical.
Motor dysfunction in spontaneous thymoma rats, Buffalo/Mna.
The muscle responsiveness of rats of Buffalo/Mna strain with spontaneous thymoma (Mna rats) was investigated in vivo electrophysiologically and pharmacologically and the principal cause seems to be involved in contractile mechanisms subsequent to muscle cell membrane.
Motor dysfunction in thymoma rats: comparison between fast and slow muscles.
The motor dysfunction seems to result mainly from the muscle weakness and the myogenic fatigability in the fast muscle, and the possibilities of some change at the site of neuro-muscular junction and a latent abnormality in the soleus muscle are suggested.
Changes in cyclic AMP content of rat gastric mucosa induced by ulcerogenic stimuli--in relation to the antiulcer activity of irsogladine maleate.
Dibutyryl cAMP (dbcAMP) given orally prevented the gastric mucosal lesions induced by aspirin without affecting gastric secretion, and dbcAMP given orally may penetrate into the surface mucous cells and activate defensive functions, thus, cAMP in the mucous Cells may protect the Gastric mucosa.
  • M. Watanabe
  • Chemistry, Medicine
    Acta pathologica japonica
  • 1 November 1978
It was speculated that lysosomal destruction might be the cause of the cell lesions found in cephaloridine, gentamicin or leupeptin treated rats, and large cytosomes of high density were increased due probably to either re absorption and secretion of drugs or their metabolites.
Protective effect of human ulinastatin against gentamicin-induced acute renal failure in rats.
It is indicated that human ulinastatin has a prominent protective effect on gentamicin-induced acute renal failure in rats, and the lysosomal membrane stabilizing effect is possibly involved as a mechanism of this action.