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A single nucleotide substitution converts potato spindle tuber viroid (PSTVd) from a noninfectious to an infectious RNA for nicotiana tabacum.
The sequence analysis of PSTVd NT revealed a single nucleotide substitution from C-->U at position 259, which might be involved in protein binding and in viroid processing in both tobacco and tomato.
An infectious viroid RNA replicon evolved from an in vitro‐generated non‐infectious viroid deletion mutant via a complementary deletion in vivo.
This is the first report that the deletion‐abolished infectivity of a viroid is restored by an additional deletion that concurrently restabilized its perturbed secondary structure by abandoning an internal segment of the rod‐like molecule.
Induction of Silencing in Plants by High-Pressure Spraying of In vitro-Synthesized Small RNAs
High pressure spraying of siRNAs resulted in efficient local and systemic silencing of the GFP transgene, with comparable efficiency as was achieved with biolistic siRNA introduction.
RNA-directed DNA methylation efficiency depends on trigger and target sequence identity.
Findings support recent data suggesting that RNAs with sizes longer than 24 nt (>24-nt RNAs) trigger RdDM, and indicate that RdDM efficiency depends on the trigger-target sequence identity, and is not restricted to siRNA occupancy.
Application of PCR to transgenic plants.