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Effect of the Solvent Environment on the Spectroscopic Properties and Dynamics of the Lowest Excited States of Carotenoids
The spectroscopic properties and dynamics of the lowest excited singlet states of peridinin, fucoxanthin, neoxanthin, uriolide acetate, spheroidene, and spheroidenone in several different solventsExpand
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Singlet and triplet energy transfer in the peridinin-chlorophyll a-protein from Amphidinium carterae
The spectroscopic properties of peridinin in solution, and the efficiency and dynamics of energy transfer from peridinin to chlorophyll a in the peridinin-chlorophyll-protein (PCP) from AmphidiniumExpand
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Excited state properties of peridinin: Observation of a solvent dependence of the lowest excited singlet state lifetime and spectral behavior unique among carotenoids
The spectroscopic properties and dynamic behavior of peridinin in several different solvents were studied by steady-state absorption, fluorescence, and transient optical spectroscopy. The lifetime ofExpand
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Lasing action in strongly coupled plasmonic nanocavity arrays.
Periodic dielectric structures are typically integrated with a planar waveguide to create photonic band-edge modes for feedback in one-dimensional distributed feedback lasers and two-dimensionalExpand
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Rylene and related diimides for organic electronics.
Organic electron-transporting materials are essential for the fabrication of organic p-n junctions, photovoltaic cells, n-channel field-effect transistors, and complementary logic circuits. RyleneExpand
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Tuning orbital energetics in arylene diimide semiconductors. materials design for ambient stability of n-type charge transport.
Structural and electronic criteria for ambient stability in n-type organic materials for organic field-effect transistors (OFETs) are investigated by systematically varying LUMO energetics andExpand
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Molecular-wire behaviour in p -phenylenevinylene oligomers
Electron transfer from electron-donor to electron-acceptor molecules via a molecular ‘bridge’ is a feature of many biological andchemical systems. The electronic structure of the bridge component inExpand
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Photophysics of the carotenoids associated with the xanthophyll cycle in photosynthesis
Green plants use the xanthophyll cycle to regulate the flow of energy to chlorophylla within photosynthetic proteins. Under conditions of low light intensity violaxanthin, a carotenoid possessingExpand
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Distance-dependent electron transfer in DNA hairpins.
The distance dependence of photoinduced electron transfer in duplex DNA was determined for a family of synthetic DNA hairpins in which a stilbene dicarboxamide forms a bridge connecting twoExpand
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