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Mechanisms of estrogen action.
Our appreciation of the physiological functions of estrogens and the mechanisms through which estrogens bring about these functions has changed during the past decade. Just as transgenic mice wereExpand
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Estrogen receptors: how do they signal and what are their targets.
During the past decade there has been a substantial advance in our understanding of estrogen signaling both from a clinical as well as a preclinical perspective. Estrogen signaling is a balanceExpand
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Estrogen receptor (ER) , a modulator of ER in the uterus
Many of the effects of estrogens on the uterus are mediated by ERα, the predominant ER in the mature organ. Because of the poor reproductive capacity of ERβ knockout (BERKO) female mice (small litterExpand
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A role for estrogen receptor β in the regulation of growth of the ventral prostate
In normal rats and mice, immunostaining with specific antibodies revealed that nuclei of most prostatic epithelial cells harbor estrogen receptor β (ERβ). In rat ventral prostate, 530- and 549-aaExpand
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An endocrine pathway in the prostate, ERβ, AR, 5α-androstane-3β,17β-diol, and CYP7B1, regulates prostate growth
Epithelial proliferation of the ventral prostate in rodents peaks between 2 and 4 weeks of age, and by week 8, proliferating cells are rare. We have used ERβ−/− and CYP7B1−/− mice to investigate theExpand
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Reflections on the discovery and significance of estrogen receptor beta.
We have known for many years that estrogen is more than the female hormone. It is essential in the male gonads, and in both sexes, estrogen has functions in the skeleton and central nervous system,Expand
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Characterization of cytochrome P450 enzymes in human breast tissue from reduction mammaplasties.
Cytochrome P450 (CYP) enzymes in the breast may have an important role in regulating the capacity of individual cells to metabolize hormones and environmental carcinogens. Very little is known aboutExpand
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Expression, function, and clinical implications of the estrogen receptor beta in human lung cancers.
The higher frequency of human lung adenocarcinoma in females than in males, strongly suggests the involvement of gender dependent factors in the etiology of this disease. This is the firstExpand
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Estrogen receptors α and β in the rodent mammary gland
An obligatory role for estrogen in growth, development, and functions of the mammary gland is well established, but the roles of the two estrogen receptors remain unclear. With the use of specificExpand
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Effect of ethanol on cytochrome P450 in the rat brain.
After a single dose of ethanol (0.8 ml/kg) administered intraperitoneally, the P450 content of the rat brain increased from 62 +/- 19 to 230 +/- 97 pmol/g (wet weight) of tissue (mean +/- SD, n = 5).Expand
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