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Most of the people around us belong to our world not directly, as kin or comrades, but as strangers. How do we recognize them as members of our world? We are related to them as transient participantsExpand
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Subnanometre resolution in three-dimensional magnetic resonance imaging of individual dark spins.
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) has revolutionized biomedical science by providing non-invasive, three-dimensional biological imaging. However, spatial resolution in conventional MRI systems isExpand
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Instructional Practices for Promoting Skill Acquisition and Generalization in Severely Learning Disabled Adolescents
Programming options for learning disabled (LD) adolescents have received increased attention over the past decade. In addition to curriculum-related issues, efforts must also be aimed at solving theExpand
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Clinical and histologic evaluation of a mineralized block allograft: results from the developmental period (2001-2004).
This article reports on a multicenter evaluation of a novel, sterile, antigen-inactivated, mineralized block allograft in humans during a 3-year developmental period. Consecutive partially edentulousExpand
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Multipass: A Learning Strategy for Improving Reading Comprehension
Multipass, a complex learning strategy designed to enable students to gain information from textbook chapters, was taught to eight learning disabled adolescents. The instructional procedures involvedExpand
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Mainstreaming: An Examination of the Attitudes and Needs of Regular Classroom Teachers
A questionnaire was administered to elementary-school regular class teachers to determine their attitudes and needs in regard to mainstreaming the exceptional child. The questionnaire was designed toExpand
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Toward the Development of an Intervention Model for Learning Disabled Adolescents: The University of Kansas Institute
At the Kansas institute, research was concentrated on the problems of LD adolescents. Epidemiological studies revealed the unique characteristics of LD in students of high school age. A curriculumExpand
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The learning disability (LD) field traditionally has devoted most of its attention and resources to the issues of service delivery and teacher training. In recent years, however, research andExpand
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