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Production of recombinant protein and polyclonal mouse antiserum for ferritin from Sipuncula Phascolosoma esculenta.
This work provided a set of molecular tools essential for the further studies of ferritin protein functions in P. esculenta and displayed a strong immunological reactivity and specificity when used in Western-blot analysis. Expand
In vitro inhibitory effect on pancreatic lipase activity of subfractions from ethanol extracts of fermented Oats (Avena sativa L.) and synergistic effect of three phenolic acids.
Results indicate that fungi-fermented oats have a more effective inhibitory ability on pancreatic lipase and polyphenols may be the most effective component and could be potentially used for dietary therapy of obesity. Expand
Cloning and expression of the Mn-SOD gene from Phascolosoma esculenta.
In this study, a full-length Mn-SOD cDNA was cloned from the cDNA library of Phascolosoma esculenta and revealed the predicted protein shared 70% identity with homologues in Caenorhabditis elegans and Gallus gallus. Expand
Cloning and characterization of hemerythrin gene from Sipuncula Phascolosoma esculenta
The results indicated that PeHr might be involved into haemocytes regeneration, and its function roles should be further investigated by the generated antibodies. Expand
Micromechanical fracture model parameter influencing factor study of structural steels and welding materials
Abstract Micromechanical fracture models can be used to predict ductile fracture initiation for welded steel connections under strong earthquake. The parameter influencing factors of four such modelsExpand
Optimization and assessment on indirect electrochemical reduction of indigo
An indirect electrochemical reduction and dyeing with indigo were carried out here to solve problems of low dye reduction rate and poor dyeing depth in the current electrochemical dyeingExpand
  • M. Wang
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  • 1 August 2018
Transplantation of Human dgHPSCs Overexpressing Human Insulin/ERRγ Genes Can Not Only Decrease the Glucose Levels but Also Decrease the Hypertension in T2D Patient (Case #1-B)
It is indicated that the efficacy duration of transplanted stem cells can last about two years, and can not only decrease the blood glucose levels, but also reduce the hypertensions in T2D patient. Expand
Electrochemical behaviour of L-cysteine on massive chalcopyrite ( CuFeS 2 ) bioleached by leptospirillum ferrooxidans
This study introduces a mechanism for speeding up the bioleaching process. We examine the effects and kinetics of L-cysteine on the bioleaching of chalcopyrite via Potetiodynamic polarisation,Expand