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Fuel-cycle assessment of selected bioethanol production.
A large amount of corn stover is available in the U.S. corn belt for the potential production of cellulosic bioethanol when the production technology becomes commercially ready. In fact, because cornExpand
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Soil organic carbon in an old-growth temperate forest: Spatial pattern, determinants and bias in its quantification
article i nfo Article history: Although there exists a consensus regarding the spatial variation of Soil Organic Carbon (SOC) are important inputs in the models being used to understand the presentExpand
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Effects of multiple environmental factors on CO 2 emission and CH 4 uptake from old-growth forest soils
Abstract. To assess contribution of multiple environmental factors to carbon exchanges between the atmosphere and forest soils, four old-growth forests referred to as boreal coniferous forest,Expand
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Year-round soil and ecosystem respiration in a temperate broad-leaved Korean Pine forest
Abstract As part of ChinaFlux program, forest soil and ecosystem respiration were measured using two sets of eddy covariance systems in a 300-year-old mixed forest in northeast China in 2003, andExpand
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Analysis of green total-factor productivity in China's regional metal industry: A meta-frontier approach
Abstract Nowadays, the metal industry has become an important source of China's energy consumption and environmental pollution. With the tightening of resources and environmental constraints and theExpand
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Canalisporium in Freshwater Habitats
During investigations of freshwater fungi in Thailand, we collected four Canalisporium spp. in lotic freshwater habitat. The description and morphological photographs of new collections areExpand
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Nutritional composition of potential zooplankton prey of the spiny lobster phyllosoma (Jasus edwardsii)
Despite the global significance of spiny lobsters, the biology of their planktonic larvae, especially their carnivorous diet, is very poorly understood. Unsuitable diets and feeding regimes are oneExpand
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Correlation between leaf size and hydraulic architecture in five compound-leaved tree species of a temperate forest in NE China
Abstract The divergence between simple and compound leaf form is a fundamental division in leaf architecture that has great impact on environmental adaptations of plants. Two hypotheses regarding theExpand
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Effects of sediment-borne nutrient and litter quality on macrophyte decomposition and nutrient release
Macrophyte decomposition is a critical process that affects carbon and nutrient cycling, and energy flow, although the majority of the details involved in the process remain unclear. For the presentExpand
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