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Tag ranking
This paper proposes a tag ranking scheme, aiming to automatically rank the tags associated with a given image according to their relevance to the image content, and applies tag ranking into three applications: tag-based image search, tag recommendation, and group recommendation. Expand
The AME2012 atomic mass evaluation (II). Tables, graphs and references
This paper is the second part of the new evaluation of atomic masses, Ame2012. From the results of a least-squares calculation, described in Part I, for all accepted experimental data, we derive hereExpand
Multi-cue Correlation Filters for Robust Visual Tracking
This paper proposes an efficient multi-cue analysis framework for robust visual tracking by combining different types of features, and constructs multiple experts through Discriminative Correlation Filter and each of them tracks the target independently. Expand
Dynamic wall modeling for large-eddy simulation of complex turbulent flows
The efficacy of large-eddy simulation (LES) with wall modeling for complex turbulent flows is assessed by considering turbulent boundary-layer flows past an asymmetric trailing-edge. Wall modelsExpand
DisturbLabel: Regularizing CNN on the Loss Layer
An extremely simple algorithm which randomly replaces a part of labels as incorrect values in each iteration, which prevents the network training from over-fitting by implicitly averaging over exponentially many networks which are trained with different label sets. Expand
A critical review of computational techniques for flow-noise prediction and the underlying theories, in which the turbulent noise source field is computed and/or modeled separately from the far-field calculation, is provided. Expand
3D model retrieval using weighted bipartite graph matching
A view-based 3D model retrieval algorithm, where many-to-many matching method, weighted bipartite graph matching, is employed for comparison between two 3D models. Expand
Unified Video Annotation via Multigraph Learning
This paper shows that various crucial factors in video annotation, including multiple modalities, multiple distance functions, and temporal consistency, all correspond to different relationships among video units, and hence they can be represented by different graphs, and proposes optimized multigraph-based semi-supervised learning (OMG-SSL), which aims to simultaneously tackle these difficulties in a unified scheme. Expand
Multimodal Graph-Based Reranking for Web Image Search
Experimental results demonstrate that the proposed reranking approach is more robust than using each individual modality, and it also performs better than many existing methods. Expand
MSRA-MM 2.0: A Large-Scale Web Multimedia Dataset
The second version of Microsoft Research Asia Multimedia (MSRA-MM) is introduced, a dataset that aims to facilitate research in multimedia information retrieval and related areas and defines six standard tasks on the dataset. Expand