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A Meta-Analysis of Risk Factors for Combat-Related PTSD among Military Personnel and Veterans
Evidence of risk factors for combat-related PTSD in military personnel and veterans is provided and more research is needed to determine how these variables interact and how to best protect against susceptibility to PTSD. Expand
Widespread Long Noncoding RNAs as Endogenous Target Mimics for MicroRNAs in Plants1[W]
It is proved that the eTMs of miR160 and miR166 are functional target mimics and identified their roles in the regulation of plant development. Expand
Cloning and characterization of the SnRK2 gene family from Zea mays
The expression patterns of ZmSnRK2 genes were characterized by using quantitative real-time RCR, which revealed that Zm SnRK 2 genes were induced by one or more abiotic stress treatments and therefore may play important roles in maize stress responses. Expand
Automatic adaptation of a generic pedestrian detector to a specific traffic scene
This paper proposes a new framework of adapting a pre-trained generic pedestrian detector to a specific traffic scene by automatically selecting both confident positive and negative examples from the target scene to re-train the detector iteratively, which significantly improves the accuracy of the generic detector and also outperforms the scene specific detector retrained using background subtraction. Expand
Learning-Based, Automatic 2D-to-3D Image and Video Conversion
This paper proposes a new class of methods that are based on the radically different approach of learning the 2D-to-3D conversion from examples, and develops two types of methods based on learning a point mapping from local image/video attributes to scene-depth at that pixel using a regression type idea. Expand
Removal of water scattering
  • Liu Chao, M. Wang
  • Geology
  • 2nd International Conference on Computer…
  • 16 April 2010
In this paper, an efficient and effective method is proposed using dark channel prior to restore the original clarity of the images underwater. Images taken in the underwater environment are subjectExpand
Transferring a generic pedestrian detector towards specific scenes
This paper investigates how to automatically train a scene-specific pedestrian detector starting with a generic detector in video surveillance without further manually labeling any samples under a novel transfer learning framework called Confidence-Encoded SVM. Expand
Consolidating virtual machines with dynamic bandwidth demand in data centers
This work forms the VM consolidation into a Stochastic Bin Packing problem and proposes an online packing algorithm by which the number of servers required is within equation of the optimum for any ∈ > 0. Expand
Kinetics of nutrient removal and expression of extracellular polymeric substances of the microalgae, Chlorella sp. and Micractinium sp., in wastewater treatment.
The results suggest that different types of wastewater could cause different nutrient removal kinetics and EPS expression by algae, which may subsequently influence harvesting and anaerobic digestion of their biomass. Expand
PsRobot: a web-based plant small RNA meta-analysis toolbox
PsRobot performs fast analysis to identify smRNAs with stem-loop shaped precursors among batch input data and predicts their targets using a modified Smith–Waterman algorithm, which results in improved specificity and reliability. Expand