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Taxonomic and bionomic notes on Arma chinensis (Fallou)
The male genitalia and other important morphological characters of Arma chinensis are redescribed and illustrated. Some bio-logical characters of this stink bug, such as the predatory behavior,Expand
Chrysotus Meigen (Diptera: Dolichopodidae) from Tibet with descriptions of four new species.
The genus Chrysotus Meigen is reported from Tibet for the first time. Five species are recorded. The following four species are described as new to science: Chrysotus altavaginas sp. nov., C.Expand
The complete mitochondrial genome of the Atylotus miser (Diptera: Tabanomorpha: Tabanidae), with mitochondrial genome phylogeny of lower Brachycera (Orthorrhapha).
Brachycera is a clade with over 80,000 described species and originated from the Mesozoic, and its larvae employ comprehensive feeding strategies. The phylogeny of the lower Brachycera has beenExpand
Species of Chrysotus Meigen from Beijing (Diptera, Dolichopodidae)
The genus Chrysotus Meigen is reported from Beijing for the first time. Five species are recorded. The following four species are described as new to science: Chrysotus beijingensis sp. n., C.Expand
Species of Chrysotus Meigen in Palaearctic China (Diptera: Dolichopodidae)
The species of the genus Chrysotus from Palaearctic China are reviewed and keyed. The following 5 species are described as new to science: Chrysotus bifurcatus sp. n., C. brevicercus sp. n., C.Expand
Comparative Mt Genomics of the Tipuloidea (Diptera: Nematocera: Tipulomorpha) and Its Implications for the Phylogeny of the Tipulomorpha
A traditionally controversial taxon, the Tipulomorpha has been frequently discussed with respect to both its familial composition and relationships with other Nematocera. The interpretation ofExpand
Transcriptomes of three species of Tipuloidea (Diptera, Tipulomorpha) and implications for phylogeny of Tipulomorpha
Tipulomorpha has long been a problematic taxon in terms of familial composition, phylogenetic relationships among families and position relative to other ‘lower’ Diptera. Whole-transcriptome shotgunExpand
The genus Dolichocephala newly found in Shaanxi Province (China), with descriptions of three new species (Diptera: Empididae).
The genus Dolichocephala is recorded from Shaanxi Province (China) for the first time. The following three new species are described: Dolichocephala brevis sp. nov., D. longa sp. nov., and D.Expand
Silk and silk glands of insects.
The taxonomic groups of silk-producing inects,structure and composition of insect silk, types of silk and silk glands, fusin and silk-secreting behaviour are summarized. The biiological significanesExpand
Nutrigenomics in Arma chinensis: Transcriptome Analysis of Arma chinensis Fed on Artificial Diet and Chinese Oak Silk Moth Antheraea pernyi Pupae
Background The insect predator, Arma chinensis, is capable of effectively controlling many pests, such as Colorado potato beetle, cotton bollworm, and mirid bugs. Our previous study demonstratedExpand